MetaVerse Just Got Even Worse… [Versión Inglesa]

MetaVerse created by Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook has gotten worse. Get owned Zuck.

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  1. God damn embarrassing.
    I know damn well I can find absolutely amazing maps on VRChat, like heading to Waffle House.

  2. Bro Roblox looks better than this shit…

    Old Roblox.

  3. vr chat but worse? i didnt know it could get any worse…

  4. Not gonna lie, it would be really funny if mark developed skin cancer on his neck because he didn’t put sunscreen there.

  5. Zuckerberg just looks unreal. If there are Lizard people. He IS it. PS : he has 999 problems. Having a large forhead is NOT one of them. That was a shitty dig.

  6. My entire job is socializing and making games in vr and I've been doing it since 2019. Me and my friends both laugh and cringe at the word "metaverse." This Horizons/metaverse bullshit is a step back from where we already are and is entirely a scam.

  7. the avatars were created to help Mark fit in with some people

  8. Well, i'm not subscribing, i hella want to be stuck in the metaverse with Zuck

  9. It turns out facebook was not Zuckerberg idea he steal it from someone else while this one is his idea

  10. Mark Zuckerberg: I can live with a D- in this project

    Users: You are not in school, remember, you are a drop out and this is your next greatest creation nobody asked for and everyone is slightly against of because of your shady busines practices

    Mark Zuckerberg: D+?

  11. ironically, i would rather use apple's version

  12. Why use this crap when you have VRChat, Neos and Second Life that are all just better than this tripe?

  13. mark zuckerberg is gonna become giygas or porky and destroy reality, a girl and 3 boys are gonna pray and then he dead

  14. You didn't even mention how the Oculus quest 2 like tracks objects in the room that you're in to try to figure out what products you own as well as they probably have biometric information on everything from your hands to your dick. And I would kind of be okay with that if it were any other company other than Facebook

  15. I hate the saturation on the meta verse like dear Christ it hurts to look at

  16. Now when he said ready player one sucked, is he referring to the movie or the environment that they live in. Cause if its the environment I can totally agree

  17. 2:44 somehow looks more human then IRL Zuckerberg

  18. Mark Zuckerberg is the uncanny valley become "human".

  19. Same title as the last video. Nice!

  20. Mark zuker burg is a robot (trust me i know)

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