Why are NFTs so Ugly?

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  1. Misconception:
    NFT's are not "files" a majority of the time, most NFT's are hyperlinks, which means that the centralized website that is hosting the image of said NFT will one day shut down and the NFT will become a 404 error, or simply a broken link.

  2. i dont wanna go into the metaverse if its based around nfts

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  4. 15:44 Hey! That's my country! 🙂 (Argentina)

  5. The bored apes or whatever give me strong “00s gangster SpongeBob T shirt” vibes

  6. Oooooo you like Aphex Twin, that's what I like to hear!

  7. Depending on where you make your crypto mine determines its environmental impact. A mine in iceland powered by geothermal power is ideal

  8. Nfts are Roblox limited items for adults.

  9. This is beautiful. I learned a lot. Thank you.

  10. One thing, a reciet to product that can be freely, effortlessly multiplied, makes it useless

  11. I feel like the pinned comment is about to start a riot…

    🐵 Btw free monke

  12. It’s not a mistake it’s 🎨 “ART” 🎨

  13. #Justice_for_Quinni

    No artist deserves this shit to happen, these dudes dont have respect man, what is wrong with people

  14. NFTs replacing traditional art? That just reminds me of when vocaloid fans thought human singers would be replaced.

  15. NFT’s are stupid, why not buy real art and hang it up your house to enjoy solely to yourself?

  16. qinni, thank you solar for talking abt her

  17. Bitcoin operates like Ethereum, too.

  18. Qinni's art being used just makes me… Nauseous. I loved her so much. Her death was a massive loss. What a waste of oxygen. I don't have words.

  19. 13:29 This right here… this right here is why I despise being associated as a human. This absolute scum of the Earth alone, made me want to disown my humanity.

  20. Because they are self portraits of the creators.

  21. The concept of NFT are pretty simple
    You're smart if you're the seller
    You're dumb if you're the buyer

  22. just needed to say this is a fantastic video. thanks for consistently putting out quality stuff.

  23. Solar Sands enjoys the Aphex Twin! Lets gooo

  24. I speculate that a vast majority of them are generated by AI alone.

  25. Ew wut, if nfts kill traditional art that's where it all crumbles

  26. Even if NFTs looked decent, JUST SCREENSHOT IT?!

  27. I'm not a "DOWN WITH CRYPTO" person, but I can't wrap my head around NFTs. You can say I'm a hypocrite for my negative environmental impact when I charge the computer I'm typing on, but using energy to be connected with the world in ways that can't be replicated is different than using energy for something like NFTs. Cryptocurrency (while there are definitely a lot of scammy crypto schemes) at least can be justified in some ways (despite me disagreeing with it), but there's absolutely nothing that NFTs provide that can't be replicated in a more sustainable, and ultimately more rewarding way.

    Why not just collect and trade something like Pokémon cards or maybe create your own tradeable cards with your own art/commissioned art? That's something you can take part in without getting yourself and your friends/family roped into a pyramid scheme (which is almost all NFTs, let's be real). Hell, why not just commission an artist for some nice artwork?

    I think the reason there are more men who advocate for NFTs. Because they haven't, for the most part, been aggressively targeted by MLMs like women have for over half a century (probably longer). We know all about Lularoe, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Mary Kay, etc. Sure, a lot of people still get roped into them, just like there are plenty of women who buy/trade NFTs. But women in general have had a lot more exposure to MLMs and I think this means they're more likely to spot one than men are. It doesn't mean men are "stupid", it's just that this is a new concept to a lot of them. It's sad and I hope this will fizzle out soon, but since MLMs are still going strong, it may take a while for people to wise up.

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