What the Metaverse Doesn’t Want You To Know #shorts [Versión Inglesa]

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About Meta

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30 comentarios

  1. Love this max, just like your videos you are ON POINT and to the point

  2. Ma man max rockin both the man bun AND Conan the barbarian hair all in one video. What a boss!

  3. It's all going to come down to who integrates Teledildonics the best. Consumer technology battles are won by the side with the best porn. VHS over Betamax, DVD over BluRay.

  4. People dont get that Meta becoming the FUCKING STANDARD! Long term goals.

  5. MAKE YOUR MOM PROUD🌹 Don't dine and dash ! Leave a tip ! CLICK 👍 COMENT 👌 SHARE 🥂

  6. Sony and Microsoft do the same with their consoles. It really works

  7. So you are bullish on Meta. I haven’t watched your channel in a year! I pulled out of the market and took my profits, I saw this correction/crash coming !
    I feel we have a few years of small selloffs to go.
    I came back to your channel because now I’m building my long term 15 yr portfolio and want quality companies and I know from watching you in the past you do extensive research! So I felt you were the man to start watching again.
    I was looking to add Meta as one of my pillars at this price for my portfolio. Do you have any suggestions on about 4/5 stocks to add at these prices as well ? Thanks max I would appreciate it! I will be dcaing through out the year, I have a good amount of cash I’ve been holding for this opportunity! Thank you max if you reply !

  8. Apples head set "soon" on the market. Will they dominate?

  9. They are Playing the long game 😎

  10. Meta blows. Only really dumb people would align with their bs

  11. I sold my oculus. Done with fb. A centralized company becoming decentralized will never happen

  12. Kinda how uBer & Lyft killed cab services in NYC than started raising the price, when no other option was left

  13. Max when is the next Cardano update. Also, I’ve tried to stake them with you but feel I’m missing something. Any way I can dm you to get some help?

  14. Microsofts already won the meta race, games

  15. So you're saying buy the dip?

  16. Instead of paying investors dividends, they sell VR headsets at a loss

  17. You need a Zuck mask! Would be a nice touch.

  18. You should do these types of videos more often!

  19. I see that Inuyasha Background!

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