What is the Infiniverse, Multiverse, Metaverse !!EXPLAINED !! [Versión Inglesa]

What is the Infiniverse, Multiverse, Metaverse !!EXPLAINED !!

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Multiverse is a browser of Metaverses. Infiniverse is the future of interconnected Metaverses.

When a user creates a Metaverse inside Multiverse, then one of the key questions is “how do people find my Metaverse”? The answer is INFINIVERSE.

While there will be many different options for finding Metaverses inside Multiverse, including but not limited to text & voice search, featuring of verses, and more. The most obvious way to find a Metaverse in a 3D world is spatially…. hence the rise of the INFINIVERSE.

For The Internet to work you need a browser, servers to host websites, and creators to create websites.

For The Metaverse to work, you need a Metaverse browser (Multiverse), servers and server tech (ShapeVR), and you to create the Metaverses for everyone else to browse.

NOTE: The Infiniverse is in BETA at the moment, so be prepared for some bugs and issues as we iron it all out. The Infiniverse will also update on a regular basis and will become more beautiful, alive and interesting with time.

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  1. Have you had a hard time explaining what we do in the infiniverse?

  2. The tip about jumping BACK to the Multiverse by pulling up the Oculus menu and selecting it off the menu alone was worth this! So simple but so 🤯 Thanks!

  3. Is this your new addiction LT? ~ Sober Aub.

  4. great!! Thank you, I will share this with my friends who have no idea what I have been doing.

  5. This is an incredible video! Thank you!

  6. Is there a map? How do I find the tech neighborhood or jewelry district? How do I find the big atrium in the last part of your video? When I go to the Infiniverse there's usually no one there. Not many people anyway. I have an apartment right across from the new Joke club so that's a cool development.

  7. And those calves, do you evev calf raise bro 💪💪

  8. Heck yeah bro, another very informative video !
    Your vids just get better and better

  9. Great video, great info. You did great job 👏👍🔥

  10. Legend! inspiration to my videos. actually going from VR Gaming to Metaverse News channel. First news video out Thursday but wouldnt have done it if not inspired by you! So THANKS. also I explained it completely differently 😀 might be interesting to have a discussion about that

  11. All your videos are good, but this is the best one yet! Thanks for making these vids that educate the public about the metaverse.

  12. LT your latest video is awesome. Just one question …. Can you do it again but this time your not allowed to say "infiniverse", "multiverse" or "metaverse"! LOL. Keep it up buddy! Catch you inside the verse soon, Charles.

  13. I love this video <3 so much information

  14. I've been waiting for this one! Way worth it. I'm going to go share you on my Twitter. This is next level my friend!

  15. This is a great video with great information

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