Everything related to METAVERSE is going VERTICAL, what should you buy?
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In this show
– The ETH / BTC chart and how this one chart will make all your crypto dreams come true.
– The top 5 Metaverse Crypto Altcoins to GET RICH by XMAS
– The NEXT narrative that you can hop on BEFORE everyone starts talking about it.

Check out our NFT, only 1953 units and building an incredible Alpha-based community –


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  1. Guys where can i buy those coins?

  2. I liked this video for the information shared by you and for your beautiful and amazing wife. Thank you both

  3. What do you think of meta nations? new meta coin. Fully doxed audited, the games out in 5 days.

  4. 1. altura is 50% down from this video point of time.

  5. Does shibu have a chance in the metaverse?

  6. I love the video.
    Wife sits on lap, make it bigger, hun

  7. Why Binance and coinbase doesn't support some good coins?

  8. If the Metaverse goes Big, Sand and Mana goes to the Moon if you hold this Tokens. Every Metaverse Token will get high.

  9. Mana is great for trading and you sound like a pumper

  10. Mannnn your wife is amazing 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. I just subscribe your channel…not becoz your awesome point about crypto… But becoz way u treat your wife .. ofcoz your speech so clear as crypto lover..but way u connect with your lovely…

  12. All your f&cking around makes me think your not taking this serious

  13. Thanks kale. At 15:30 on the video, which indicators are you using for the buy and sell?

  14. I can’t stop watching your videos, they really helped me in knowing the basics , but I started making huge profits on my investment since i started trading with Mrs Cassandra Brian, her trading strategies are top notch.

  15. What’s the best platform to buy and trade crypto on?

  16. be a little more professional in your videos your kinda annoying.

  17. How do I buy altcoins in the us

  18. Altura is at 18 cents right now should I buy in ?

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