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  1. he looked like he just wikihow-d how to seem happy

  2. I feel like its just going to be VRchat

  3. Remember when everyone was worried that we’d end up like the people in Wall-E and we all just laughed?

  4. The only difference between the metaverse and vrchat is that the metaverse has big corprate marketing.

  5. I only use Instagram reluctantly. I hate it with every fiber of my being.

  6. I wish the Mark Zuckerberg is a lizard jokes would stop tbh, I hate him as much as anyone else but probably part of the reason he talks like that is him being autistic, and being autistic it makes me a bit sad to see that many people making fun of an autistic trait knowingly or not :[

  7. I don’t have a meta app cause cringe

  8. Update Facebook's Stock Still went down.

  9. hahaaha kai lenny is my coworkers fiance / baby daddy…it's so funny hearing the shit her family talks about mark zuckerberg and how strange his family is IRL

  10. Can’t wait to Pick up prostitutes with Mark and my grandmother’s avatar in Grandtheft auto meta-verse. Good family fun

  11. Sometimes I think about how much our lives would be much better if Facebook didn't exist.

  12. The real metaverese is just gonna be anime ahego faces everywhere with sad dolls and monkey NFT's

  13. The meta verse is the same quality of sims except you have to listen to meetings.

  14. Zuck actually looks so weird he looks like he has no neck he looks like a robot the way he moves is too unnatural his voice is strange i am terrified

  15. cody sounds more like Zuckerberg then Zuckerberg does

  16. Social media destroys our health and society.
    Facebook “Time to take this to the next level”.

  17. cmon man why you gotta diss kermit the lizard dude

  18. What i don't understand is why he has to make the ads himself

  19. It looks like a worse vr chat

  20. 💀💀the last video killed me

  21. i will never believe mark zuckerberg is real idgaf what anyone says

  22. I love how Cody’s impression of mark Zuckerberg sound like Kermit the frog

  23. Hey can someone tell Zuc that Black Mirror is supposed to be a horror show, not inspiration?

  24. It would have been so fucking funny if on the outdo screen the insta @ was gone

  25. Out of all the dystopia's we get Ready Player One? how is that fair? how is that normal? we couldn't get Hunger Games I mean at least that one had some good tv shows.

  26. You are too funny! Your explanation was better.

  27. so in conclusion the metaverse is like taking a tab

  28. I watched the entire ad so I could know what I’m making fun of. The entirety of the Metaverse could be done just as easily on a goddamn iPhone. This is just more flashy and impractical.


  30. im rewatching this and cackling, i need more cody roasting zuc

  31. Where did you get that shirt from it looks sick

  32. Why does Zuc already look like an AI robot?

  33. I agree on the cringe factor of the zuckerverse 🤣

  34. The clip of him talking looks like a deep fake

  35. We are getting so close to being those people in movies who plug in and go into another world yk? crazy shit

  36. Great way to let an employee know that they’ll no longer be able to afford health insurance for their children. This is depraved.

  37. The zucc at it again doing human things

  38. mark’s voice sounds like a bad impression of lumpy space princess

  39. Why we will want online friends time with avatars while we have chance to meet face to face

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