The MetaVerse and What Everyone Has WRONG [Versi贸n Inglesa]

🔥”ENERGY MARKETS IN CRISIS – COME JOIN ME LIVE to understand how big of a problem it is, and HOW We CAN PROFIT FROM IT!! 🔥

The MetaVerse and WHAT Everyone Has WRONG

The Metaverse is NOW here, well at least Meta anyway. Since last week, Facebook changed their name to ‘Meta’, as they shift their focus to the metaverse — which refers efforts to combine virtual and augmented reality technologies together in a new online realm. Facebook, or Meta says it could take 5-10 years to become mainstream.

In this video, I will explain:
– Why it might not be what most people think, or expect it to be at all,
– What I think it is
– How we are already seeing it
– At what point is it finally here
– How these changes are right now, reshaping the world bigger and faster than many ever imagined, and if you don’t figure this out now, you WILL be left behind

So let’s go!


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25 comentarios

  1. 馃敟"ENERGY MARKETS IN CRISIS – COME JOIN ME LIVE to understand how big of a problem it is, and HOW We CAN PROFIT FROM IT!! 馃敟

  2. I understand that singularity is merging of the living and non-living objects in one. The human will be merged with chips and such to be able to live in the reality they prepare for us. You open locked doors by waving your hand, you pay with your finger print or face, you get right behaviour 鈥渋nfused鈥 in you via 5G network.. If you don鈥檛 want that self-sufficient life in the forest then is one of the few options. But with no access to medical care, education or electricity.. They almost nearly killed cash, and once they roll out cbdcs that will be the end of it. How can you pay for your seeds, tractor wheels etc if you don鈥檛 have access to central bank digital currency because you don鈥檛 have needed infrastructure implants in your body?

  3. It's dehumanising, which is part of the plan. The whole thing is a sinister attempt to create a smart grid where literally EVERYTHING, is controlled centrally. This is why everything is becoming digitised and computerised, because then it can be controlled from a central power base..New World Order! All these technologies portrayed as "…its for you benefit"…. B%**$H*T!!!..its for your enslavement and deep state control is the real agenda here. We should all be opposing this with every last breath we have…but, this is meant to happen and nothing and no one can stop it, because the end times are coming!

  4. Everyone is off the mark about this. This is going to be one of the biggest flops in tech history. It is not going to work.

  5. GTA RP Is The True Meta Verse 馃槒

  6. Connect Musk's brain chip with Zachaburg(sp) metaverse and we have AI connects to our reality, which causes us to get lost in virtual reality. This is concerning!

  7. What if eventually they want everyone to 'upgrade' themselves by getting a neuralink (the mark) in them, and uploading themselves in order to live in the meta life (new life) where there would be no sickness no death etc..

  8. Mark, thank you for what you are doing. Don't tell people to give you thumbs down. Too many people like obeying without question:) All fake things eventually collapse. So will metaverse.

  9. Wether meta verse or playing computer games it is a meta physical activity and world . Being human is an activity that requires not only thinking but also physical activity not just for survival but also development in the material world .

  10. Meta in Hebrew means death! They always playoff Hebrew words cuz nobody really knows what they mean virtual reality is a deathworld to your real reality

  11. Meta in Hebrew means death it's the death burst going to put you to death literally

  12. I used to think, naively, that the future was controlled by the technology. Now I know that it is controlled by the people that control the technology and if those people lack wisdom, humility, compassion or a sense of responsibility for the common good, then the future will be a nightmare.

  13. Not aloud in my house f conservative hating Facebook

  14. Its out of control and I'm taking my life back. Digital has its place, but not my identity.

  15. We all know Zuckerberg is for Sale,
    not to be trusted.
    Zuckerberg new watch is to capture footage from YOU to improve their AI.
    Get the fk away from Zuckerberg and ALL his products. Zuckerbergs intentions are to rape you of everything.

  16. The Digital World is very much like the Spiritual World which is not tied to the Physical World. The end of Physical Interaction will become the drive since most people are isolationists and introverted

  17. One worrisome note is how do you virtually exercise! How do get fresh air! What happens when you can't meet your friends because you are not like your online personality at all? Will these people emerged in the metaverse have any value to the world! The planet has too many people, maybe someone will just Pied Piper these people away!!!

  18. we will generate an even more selfish group of individuals that will make an even more ruthless and unempathetic society. a dystopia worse than today

  19. Yes I think I'm spending more and more time online but I still spend and will spend the most time in my garden, gardening is my universe.

  20. It's a great way for them to distract us from what's really happening around us.

  21. I love being in the real world.

  22. I have dreams of the future all the time. In the future. We will be able to watch the Super Bowl from anywhere on the field via a chip in our head. We鈥檒l also be able to visit Mars. Via our consciousness. Not physically. Eventually. The world order will snag our bodies while in the Metaverse. Put it in a pod. Keep us alive to harvest our witness which powers their world

  23. This video explains that we are not in a capitalistic system, but in techno feudalism.

    On platforms there鈥檚 no free market. Supply and demand is not possible in a monopolistic platform.

    We give a away our power if we all start using big tech and big Pharma.

    The biggest power dynamic is if we become decentralized organized or central organized.

    Non democratic entities (central banks, WHO, etc.) are influencing/infiltrating gouverneurs.

  24. As a hospice nurse, I can tell you with absolute certainty that many are wrong about much, perhaps about almost everything. Wait till your own last gasping for breath, look around, see if there's any life form nearby of organic nature surrounding you with love, looking into your eyes. Then, you might get an opportunity to peek into the vast true"singularity" of human to human and spiritual truth, and your own abysmal misconceptions and meta-farce. And, btw, I can't care for my patients on zoom.

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