The 5.5 BEST Metaverse Stocks To Invest In [Versión Inglesa]

Today I’ll be breaking down why the metaverse is so exciting, how I spot investment opportunities, and investing $20,000 of my own money in 5.5 of the best stocks I believe in, so you can see exactly how I do it!
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PART 1: Investing With A Vision

You’re not investing in a company for today, or tomorrow, it’s about the long-term growth of both the company and your money.

So all we have to do is predict the future, it’s as simple as that!?

Well of course that would be great, just imagine if you could see 10 years into the future, and invest in the next big companies… You’d make a KILLING.

Unfortunately, We can’t do that, so we have to try and take an educated guess of what our future will look like, and invest for the long term.


Think of the metaverse like Internet 2.0, even more, immersive and useful. You could hang out with friends, work remotely from home but feel like you’re in the office and even sell digital items, all in Virtual Reality.

This opens up more opportunities than even I can’t fathom, Because not just one company will benefit from the metaverse. This means you don’t have to be lucky and yolo your money into a winning stock.

Instead, it’s a much better idea to build a diversified portfolio of companies with metaverse plans. This way you are hedging your bets and at the end of the day, they could all end up being crucial parts of the metaverse!

PART 3: My Metaverse Stocks

Stock Number 1 is Unity Software.

Something that recently caught my eye was that Unity Software have recently aquired Weta Digital. The future of the Metaverse is 3D experiences and that’s what WETA excels at. This combined with Unity’s already great software, and they could have the perfect building blocks for the metaverse.

Stock number 2 is Snapchat.

Some analysts even claim Snapchat is way ahead of Facebook when it comes to the Metaverse, as they have already created characters and plonked them on the map for everyone to see and interact with. Just think about it, the best features usually first come out on Snapchat, and then get copied by Instagram!

Stock Number 3 is Matterport

This is a company you may not have heard of, but they specialize in digitizing the real world. Imagine how in demand this technology could be if you want to create a digital version of your house inside the metaverse and invite your friends over!

During my research, I uncovered that If matterport were to charge just $1 to maintain a digital copy of a customer’s space each month, the company could be able to make more than $280 billion annually.

Stock Number 4 Is Disney.

Disney owns most of the entertainment we watch! Like Star Wars, Marvel studios & Pixar Films…that combined with Disney World, Disney Land and their cruise ships.. you can probably see what I’m getting at here.

Disney could create a full blown Disney Land Metaverse, with all the characters and movies they own… it would be absolutely amazing.

Stock Number 5 is Meta (Previously known as Facebook)

The possibilities of monetizing the Metaverse are endless for Meta, and I’m so excited to see what they do next. They also have the Oculus VR headsets which make the Metaverse all that more plausible, and they’re already working on new stylish glasses for use of both AR and VR.

Stock Number 5.5 is Epic Games

They’re the creators of Fortnite and kids basically lived on this game during the pandemic! It has even had in game events such as a virtual concert by Travis Scott which was attended by over 12 MILLION!
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  1. I firstly just randomly saw this guy on reels, at first didn't really care, then I once went into the comments and saw how much everyone loves him. Figured I should see what is the commotion about. And this man didn't disappoint, he acually gave direct advice, he stands behind, no courses attached, no ads just a wealthy men that wants to share his knowledge for good. Truly a rarety

  2. I had a look at these 5 stocks and like meta they have suffered greatly. Over the last 6 months these are the returns:
    Unity: -26.26%
    Snapchat: -51.17%
    Matterport: -54.4%
    Disney: -16.6%
    Meta: -44.38%

    In contrast:
    S&P500 : -3.9%

    Of course it's the long game and thanks for bring these up. The question is will a metaverse prove successful. Microsoft has been trying to do this for about 10yrs with Hololens with very little success so far.

  3. I´m sorry. I just unsubscribed. Anyone that push for Metaverse does not deserve success. If you knew what evil this company is you would not give them your or peoples money.

  4. Crypto staking, investmnt and tradin are three different thing entirely. I learnt a lot and also invest with them. Make sure to only deal with established firms for your safety. ⬆️

  5. Invest in Meta – Then it looses 25% in value overnight 😂🤦‍♂️
    Zuckerberg is a Globalist Tw@t so do not support your own enslavement.

  6. The metaverse is the leap, I think AR will be the next step rather than full immersion.

  7. These will plummet in no time. Im a programmer in AI and I can tell you there is NO way we are going to achieve the level of comfort for Females, the interaction between people remains ackward, the superficiality of the system cannot be ignored.

    The amount of people investing without having an small try if beyond me, this is shit. Im a dev, I know

  8. You're telling me to invest in VR chat…

  9. Are you going to review these investments? Massive drops in almost all since you made this video. Would be interesting to see your figures and what you plan to do moving forward (Y)

  10. The metaverse is actually Web 3.0

  11. I don’t agree with the meta verse but also I’m not a dummy and don’t see a massive opportunity to invest. I feel sorry for the people who get lost in it.

  12. Anyone watching this on Feb 2022? After a 40% lose in Meta and Snap :))?

  13. Watching this Feb 4, snapchat up 59% today… why didn't I watch this yesterday???

  14. Bro you keep repeating yourself, just tell us!!!!

  15. Bought £2k Meta stock yesterday and overnight I'm nearly £700 down. Gutted

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  17. Would love an update video to this.

  18. I’m Losing a lot of money bc of this video… UNITY SOFT TOOK ALL OF MY MONEY

  19. Awesome video, I put these stocks on my watchlist and buying SNAP tomorrow. And I just subscribed 👍🏽🙌🏽👍🏽

  20. Three months later and every single stock has dumped off this kind of "hype." Buy the rumor sell the news.

  21. Nobody else I would trust with my money.

  22. Glad i see this video today , all you speaking about is like for free now 🙂

  23. Thank you sir for informating us

  24. I checked all of the stocks which Mark bought from the date when this video was published. All of em are going down, not sure about the future but since November they re crashing.

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