Metaverse Report: This is Where the MONEY IS!! 馃拵 [Versi贸n Inglesa]

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0:00 Intro
1:19 Who Is Grayscale?
4:02 Introduction
5:41 The Meta Thesis
7:16 The Metaverse Market
10:38 The Metaverse Economy
12:55 Metaverse Metrics
15:05 Metaverse Risks
17:59 Metaverse Regulation
20:15 Outro


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The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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44 comentarios

  1. Hope you guys are enjoying this vid! I'm really excited about what is going on in the Metaverse space. Are there any other projects you guys think I should be looking into? Don't forget that you can follow me on my socials for all the content that you are missing here: 馃憠

  2. Is it just me…but this guy is Top Gear Richard Hammond

  3. Will Bitcoin's slow death affect the Metaverse space?

  4. If the metaverse ever creates a curator character I hope they use Guy鈥檚 voice

  5. Zombie World Z will be a phenomenon in the upcoming crypto market, the project has everything it takes to explode and thrive in the long run.

    #ZombieWorldZ #ZWZ #Metaverse #Blockchain

  6. I literally had to rewind 10 times 8:238:43 because I could not understand a single word.

  7. I can see metaverse property tax coming,lol

  8. Please provide a list of cryptocurrencies of Metaverse @everyone

  9. on the metaverse casinos and the taxation of gaming income, is that only i you exchange mana into dollars? how could the feds regulate the movement of mana if its through black chains, or am i getting it wrong?

  10. no not Helium, you mean Polkadot – right?

  11. Thank you!!! Love your videos.

  12. I wont be joining the metaverse. It looks like poorly produced cartoons for bored people

  13. Thoughts on Pavia? Cardano based Metaverse?

  14. Love your videos Guy! I would love to see one on wilder world and zero! Thanks!

  15. Good to know where the MONEY IS. Better to know where it is going next. A good option is to MAKE something and let it come to you. Passive income can never be your only source. Life wants you to contribute.

  16. Atala Prism is a good demo of how decentralized Identities can be handled.

  17. My ninja Guy got Bars, spitting flames on that intro +++++

  18. Guy, I highly value your input. Can you comment about the Metaverse project Star Atlas?

  19. I think everdome is going to beat all of the metaverse.. 鉁

  20. Sooo, noone it takling about hos the porn industri has been a tech pioneer trough the ages, so where is the mention of metaverse redlight districts? That shit is gonna get nasty鈥

  21. Ohhh noooo the metaverse is gonna control my life and brain鈥.lol y鈥檃ll gotta stop as if the cellphone u just type that with hasn鈥檛 sucked you into a virtual world already..fuckin put on the head set play and earn turn it off and go back to your life and shut up 鈥et鈥檚 get money!

  22. No – the Metaverse where the money WENT over the previous month.
    If you got in 2 months ago you're a genius – if you FOMOed in last week, today, or tomorrow then you'll lose money.

  23. Decentraland is crap…. Bloktopia would be 馃殌

  24. Hey, is the T-shirt financial advice? Just asking 馃槢

  25. Metaverse relies on suffering. People will pick what's perceived by them as best for them, so if they pick the metaverse rather than reality, then their reality sucks. This goes for communication with others, experiences, etc.
    Look at Second Life. – A fiat-based metaverse.

    People will pick the metaverse if they have no better options. So the metaverse relies on people having bad options.

  26. Sounds massively overrated to me: if MANA has a market cap of 6.6 billion with 1500 active monthly users, this would mean there must be 4.4 million USD per monthly user. This cannot be at the current moment. I'd rather guess it is a huge speculative bubble. Also has anybody tried out this game? it looks like an early 2012 android smartphone game. This leads me to the conclusion, that some crypto enthusiasts registered for this game, got bored and probably never played it more than a couple of times.

    Metaverse is an amazing idea with a lot of potential! But the current solutions are just overrated and are nothing more than promising pilot projects, that got hyped a little bit too much, I think. Maybe in a couple of years, when this idea and fascination matures a bit more.

  27. Love this channel. I think it will be a while before regulators crack down on web 3.0. They still haven鈥檛 really done anything to web 2.0 save a few public hearings to save face with the public.

  28. Can you cover Augmentation like OVR


  30. I have changed comments number to 667 now:)

  31. Hi Mr Guy I really like your voice my kinda of a smart butler..

  32. Best financial advisor on the net!

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