How I Make $100 a Day Trading Cryptocurrency 2022 (I’ll Show You How)

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0:00 Into
0:20 Where to start
1:25 Trading Strategy explained
4:41 Trading with Lux Algo
9:35 Trading longer timeframe
11:27 Compounding your wins
12:24 Trend Tracer and Catcher
13:24 Building a Cash Position

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15 comentarios

  1. earning 100$ perday and loosing 10000 during a war

  2. brother can you help me and tell me how to put RSI and signals Buyy/Sell on BNB application ? thank you and btw good video!

  3. Eddie haha fake name , tchang

  4. Good minimum amount to start with? Atleast?

  5. No games here

    1k per. Day

  6. if it was not for this vid, I would have never ever known how easy this could be, this just saved my whole fam from going into more debt.
    really thank you so much.
    i really really feel grateful to you.

  7. That's how you make money👌

  8. I wonder what's wrong. My portfolio has been going down the drain while I try trading, I just don't know what I did wrong. I would appreciate if there's anyone with advice on what to do next.

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  10. Thanks to the man who put me through the NFT term and condition attached to the trading statistics and have been making my money since then.📈 you are free to reach him out by the name on my bio and you will surely get your best service📉

  11. The risk for every trade was 25%, but for aiming 2-3% sounds a bit unsustainable in the long run

  12. this is how newbies lose money hahaha. Playing a strategy without a risk management is the worst thing a trader can do

  13. Nice video and good strategy. Thanks you so much to share it with us 🙂

  14. How much should you buy when it dips? Im new to this. You sell it when it reach it to the top before it dips?

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