How Apple will DESTROY Facebook Metaverse [Versi贸n Inglesa]

Apple Verse vs. Facebook Meta Verse!
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Mark Facebook thinks augmented and virtual reality are so critical to humanity’s next stage of collective… digi-evolution that he just changed his name to Mark Meta, dialed his emotion chip all the way up to… 2, and went very publicly Wreck ‘Em Ralphing through a range of absolutely uncanny experiences… from gaming to gathering to meetings to… well, thankfully not matings. But you get the idea. After having missed out on owning mobile, and consequently having his apps subject to the privacy policies of iOS and the constant intermediation of Android, he simply doesn’t want anyone, any… thing, coming between his Oculus-fronted Horizon harvesters and our data… all of our data.

But, according to Morgan Stanley, Tim Apple’s own VR & AR projects are getting ready for liftoff, and they’re likely to leapfrog what every other company, including Meta has in mind.


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24 comentarios

  1. 馃敟 Black Friday SALE! CuriosityStream + Nebula for less than $12 a YEAR!
    馃拃 More on Apple vs. Facebook:
    馃 Are you into VR or AR? Will you be getting a headset?

  2. Dialed his emotion chip all the way up to 2, haha

  3. Apple Verse? Stop it. Get some help. Facebook, stop making more social media. Apple, hire someone who can design a normal usable computer mouse, because seems like you can't do it. And stop removing features from you products calling it "new feature". Missinf feature is not feature. Gosh

  4. Microsoft also has some interesting VR plans in the works.

  5. If Apple can't get TV right, it's really optimistic to assume they can pull this off.

  6. Searched for 鈥淔acebook dead鈥 funniest set of results in a row for 2022

  7. VR should be a tool. Not a cesspit to escape from the real world.

  8. i hate meta. its not only evil but its just suffocating. im not wearing vr on my head like that

  9. Great video and happy my largest position is AAPL.. And for those with large investment positions with MSFT, they are also safe, but META relies on these two companies so… more money to be made with AAPL and MSFT in my opinion, or at least a safer bet!

  10. I would love watching your videos in 2026 how apple killed Facebook

  11. Mark Zuckerberg would sell your soul if he could…

  12. Comparing internet with Metaverse is just stupid. Internet served a need that was not there at a time. What does another second life will change?

  13. elon musk ….he doent need money 馃槺馃槺馃槺

  14. 3:30 It's pronounced gif (hard g), not jif. Who cares what the creator of the format says if you literally have to spell it differently to explain the "real" pronunciation?

  15. precisely the LAST thing humanity needs now is more tech escapism, whichever company creates it

  16. I always trust every smart single products. Of course i trusted Apple. Because they are build Real Products to Real Life Future. And Mark building real Internet future.

  17. Why are people complaining, if you don't like dont buy

  18. Not anymore after the stock crash lol. Bye bye Meta 馃憢

  19. Apple TV debacle sounds interesting.

  20. Apple is already tracking you.
    Google is tracking you as well..

  21. Closing all my facebook accounts, best desicion ever , i got a lot of peace after that.

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