Horizon Worlds – Let's Explore Meta's Metaverse! [Versión Inglesa]

First look at Meta’s Horizon Worlds on the Oculus Quest 2! Horizon Worlds is a social experience where you can explore, play and create. It is currently in beta. In this video I explore various worlds, play some competitive games & take a look at the world building tool.
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47 comentarios

  1. What do you think? Will you partake in Horizon Worlds once it's available to the public?

  2. This is on some black mirror crap lol

  3. It's a land were everyone shoots at eachother

  4. With all the technology we have and this is all they can come up with!

  5. so what's the diffrence between this and VRchat

  6. This actually looks dope and fun af

  7. How is this better then goldeneye on Nintendo 64? I’d take a PS5 over any of this

  8. Questo è la meta' verso non è un metaverso è proprio la metà verso… Mark Mark C'è differenza tra metaverso e metà verso cioè un prototipo rimasto a metà insomma rispetto ad altri mondi virtuali che vengono proposti… Che cosa ne pensano i soldi degli investitori??? Prima di sapere l'opinione degli investitori stessi dobbiamo sapere l'opinione dei soldi degli investitori e le fonti principali se la meta ha inglobato prima Facebook WhatsApp Messenger e quanti altri e significa anche gli introiti principali provengono dalle assimilazioni che ha fatto io lo so perché solitamente ciò che asimilo serve per il mio mantenimento… Ok ok ho intenzione di farmi capire che nel mondo finanziario e se i tuoi investitori hanno bisogno di un killer io sono disponibile.. non si sa mai Mark Zuckerberg prima o poi un killer farà comodo ai tuoi investitori e essere utile anche per te…. A proposito in allegato vi pubblico il mio numero di telefono.. sono in cerca di lavoro 👈😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣👽🛸

  9. Ok avrebbe bisogno di molte più elaborazioni questo metaverso… Sembrerebbe quasi un prototipo… Tenendo presente che altre piattaforme tipo metaverso sono molto più ricche e complete basta osservare anche solo gli Avatar cioè sono per metà ma che… Mark Mark non stai bene?? un' enorme cacata questa invenzione tenendo presente che da quello che ho potuto ammirare l'oculus vr2 qualcosa del genere costi su Amazon dai €350 euro… E cosa vuole essere la vostra ??l'iniziativa per una elite di Ricchi menomati??👈👽🛸

  10. This is not the metaverse. This is just a crappy game.

  11. Feels like VRChat fun for some some minutes but it get boring fast.

  12. Is almost like Roblox VR. Bad graphics.

  13. Eso es una tremenda idiotez, muy malo eso aun.

  14. people are hating the metaverse but i actually think its good

    i see you trying to send a hate reply but let me explain.Ofc i dont mean its good for all of us to live in it and do some weird stuff but its a great place to be whoever you want just hop off the real world for a bit and enter you dream world

  15. This metaverse is a really shi……

  16. People hating while Facebook gathering data in horizon, optimizing and one day you all are vr slaves without even realizing it.

  17. What happened to their legs and bits??????? Creepy. And why does everyone look like a cartoon – I think we know exactly who the intended audience is here – children and creepy people.

    FML it even has 'safe zone'. Maybe they should have a safe word to activate the safe zone just in case.

    Oh so now Facebook and their 'you must use your real name' aren't forcing you to use your real name, I'd like to hear them explain why you shouldn't use your real name on horizon while you must on facebook.

    Are textures banned in the meatverse or something? Or is it that no dev co' actually wants to waste money on this stuff?

    God I hate facebook, does it show?

  18. when zuck figures out how to solve the "incredibly" complex issue of adding legs to avatars, I will take another look into it…

  19. that moment last gen consoles had more to offer… i think i'll go play on the sega 32x, maybe the C64..

  20. It looks familiar just for by inspires with Nebula Realms, Atom Universe, #PS4(but that Playstation Home from PS3 console) should not or if you handle to used with Playstation VR.

  21. I had to stop at the screaming kids, it looks like being trapped in a nightmare

  22. OMG look the graphics so real than a PS5

  23. I better play Xbox Or PS5 than use Metaverse 😅😅😅🤣

  24. Who the heck are yelling? The other users? Lol

  25. This is like a vr chat ripoff made on roblox in a month.

  26. Y would you care about a safe space??….fuk the safe space

  27. This is embarrassingly bad. I feel like at least for now the be metaverse should require a pc with decent specs. Cause this is terrible. There are better vr apps on steam.

  28. Some people don't realize there's games like Alyx, Skyrim, No man'sky and soon GTA San Andreas and Among Us (just to randomly name a few).
    They look at this bloxxy junk and believe this is what VR is about, lmao!.
    Should I mention Onwards, Population one and other CS Go, PUBG style multiplayer games?
    Looked up and don't make yourself an idea about VR only by watching this junk.

  29. i can't believe this abomination passed the Store's approval criterias.

  30. Why play metaverse when we got vrchat? Vrchat is the evolution of metaverse

  31. VR chat is better than this… unbelievable

  32. Degeneration reaches it's next level.

  33. This game already exists it's been made twice even rec room and vr chat already exists

  34. The fact that not even a minute in the video and you already here squeakers is comedy gold

  35. This is basically VR chat on steam isn't it?

  36. low-key just a souped-up version of Roblox or rec room, in my opinion.

  37. 😏I’ve heard of false advertising, but this is ridiculous

  38. id rather play rec room, wtf is facebook even thinking lmao

  39. Metaverse. Lol. People like you are joining the evil corporation trying to take over the VR world. Damn normies.

  40. Question for anyone saying the graphics is shitty – tell me one example of VR game with amazing graphics. Its still new medium, so its natural that graphics looks like from ps1 or n64

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