GALA interview | Games, Music, & Movies | 2022 Metaverse Update [Versión Inglesa]

Gala Games offers an entire array of different AAA quality blockchain games. GalaChain (Project Gyri), will provide nearly free transactions throughout the Gala Games ecosystem. The Gala Network is supported by users, who operate Gala Nodes from their home computers. Along with gaming, Gala Music (and Movies) is also set to change the music industry and film industry as well. Since our last interview, Gala has growth exponentially in a short amount time… where is Gala headed next?

Guest: Jason Brink, President of Gala Games
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~GALA interview | Games, Music, & Movies | 2022 Metaverse Update~
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42 comentarios

  1. Please explain to me how this is for anyone accept speculation and super wealthy people when it costs thousands if not more dollars for game entry

  2. Has anyone really looked at how expensive it is to get into these Gala games? Check out land for Walking Dead

  3. Really love this interview. ~ Yes, absolutely would love to hear from the Music Division. That's fascinating. Can't wait until June… ENJOY! ~ Go big or go home. GALA for the all-star knock out. Go get 'em! ~ DOMINATE

  4. Red Flag interview. The veil is falling, hope everyone recognizes. Vision is ‘mini-verses’? Music, Movies, a media company? Hiring economists- er correction, people who have minored in economics. The node explanation? Holy crap. “Don’t want to go into the concept of potential earnings” haha. GYRI? WTF. No VC money to build out? And does Jasons suit need to be washed , or is it just me?

  5. Paul you need to get company reps that understand the technicals. Not a hype man whose absence wouldn't actually materially impact a project. There's a reason why this guy is not one of the founders – working in humanitarian roles translates as well as a garbageman who helps society by cleaning streets. In fact people who dramatically switch careers are red flags – regardless of how exciting they spin their jump into the new field. He even rightfully points out that no one can conceptualize what they are doing. It is literally his responsibility to ensure the audience knows that. Yet he continues to give vague answers and redirects people to other folks. The only thing he details are marketing stunts… And their massive growth seems to be spawning horizontally. It is not being directed into deepening a core focus, which means its just a bunch of mini projects w only a couple devs on each. this project price will increase based on hype. Town Star illustrates this – horrible game. Quality, durability, and intrigue are not demonstrated in anything pitched here. Do these guys honestly think they are going to compete Axie or Alice or Gods Unchained on gaming, or Audius/Tidal on music, on a company actually focused on movies only? These guys have all the makings of a pump and dump – buy the rumor and sell the news, until proven otherwise. Hopefully someone from Gala who uses less adjectives and more nouns can come on the show – ideally an actual founder or technical expert.

  6. 6 days and still cant register – sort ya flippin website out man

  7. Gala reach out to nobuo uematsu, his gaming sound tracks are perfect

  8. Blockchain gamefi will have it soon in the crypto world as well, can't get enough of Metagods play to earn, it's recommendable

  9. Thank you for doing this, we appreciate you alot for all you do for us. I love GALA ❤️

  10. Can you please interview Sarah boxton

  11. I really like GALA the COMPANY, but the tokenomics are unclear. How the nodes work, and what they are even for, is not clearly laid out anywhere. Gala coin seems like it's just a DAO funding coin with options to buy pre-release NFT's for games. I think what confuses me is the intention to release separate cryptos for each game like the Mirandus coin and Townstar coin, and why GALA coin is needed at all. It's unclear how crypto is enhancing the games themselves vs traditional games.
    However, Townstar is one of the few crypto games that is ACTUALLY fun to play, and I do believe they will delivering successful games themselves. Overall Bullish, but it's sketchy af

  12. This interview kind of suck because that guy couldn't answer most basic questions he always don't want to get into it so why the hell are you on the interview 🤑🤑🤑

  13. Have you guys looked in # Junior slotie collections, next utility nft that buys a plot of land in the metaverse, gaming casino

  14. Thank you Paul, excellent interview. I just wished there was more tokenomic talk. Axie is one game and the token skyrocketed. Gala is many games however it is not reflected about the price yet. Anyone agrees?

  15. Good video, I can't wait to see where gala go's!

  16. Looking very bullish. Can't "say" where it will be, can just flash it on the screen… lol

  17. love the content. just increased my Gala bag.Thank you

  18. Guys, I have a question. Have you heard the news that MetaMotorClub is releasing new car-themed NFTs, who will buy them at the presale price? Also, each NFT holder will get 5 B2PX tokens Airdropped

  19. i really hope that we who bought nfts in december and early january will be able to earn our investment back. It was not cheap and hearing now that your play to earn is not really about earning is a little unfair at least. if you advertise play to earn you should give an answer to those questions. not just we are not about earning we are about game experience.

  20. GALA is going to HUGE in 2-3 years…

  21. Paul, You're Awesome! Thanks for Gala stuff! Gala is Epic! A question I have for Gala: Renting NFT's or a rent to own system?

  22. WHOOOOHOOOO! '2B dollars on games, 1B on music and 1B on movies.'

  23. GALA will easy 2$ this year

  24. Epic! looking forward to Gala Music Sarah Buxton!

  25. we'll all be facing the nft culture and so I'm enjoying it, am into p2e mostly of METAGODS

  26. Jason Brink is the right man at the right place !! period!!

  27. Comes on to do an interview – yet answers many important questions with “I don’t want to go into details on that”

  28. I love Gala, it's changes the industry and for sure my life!!

  29. Gala at 10 bil Market cap wouldn't be surprising huh

  30. GALA Gladiators in the house!

  31. In regards of Gala naming their chain, AVAX names their chains according to what they host, like C-chain for Smart Contracts. Gala could do something similar, maybe something like G-chain for gaming, M-chain for music, and E-chain for entertainment/movies. 🧐

  32. Thanks Paul and your team for this great interview with GALA Games and the coming projects.

  33. Zero questions about the Mirandus??

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