Why Facebook is Spending Billions on the Metaverse [Versión Inglesa]

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The “metaverse” certainly has a ton of hype around it right now, but I think it’s actually a pretty good term to describe what will happen when a bunch of interesting technologies start to come together.


I am the co-founder of http://soylent.com and http://lucy.co, both of which were funded by Y Combinator (Summer 2012 and Winter 2018).

I’ve been an entrepreneur for nearly a decade across multiple companies. I’ve done a lot of work in silicon valley, so that’s mostly what I talk about. I’ve raised over 10 rounds of venture capital totaling over $100m in total funding.

I work mostly in tech-enabled consumer packaged goods, meaning I use software to make the best products possible and then deliver them to the widest possible audience. I’m a big fan of machine learning, python programming, and motion graphics.

Peter Thiel’s Big Bet on Space Manufacturing – https://youtu.be/1FNQ108h8iM
The Only Reason SpaceX Works (Gwynne Shotwell) – https://youtu.be/K1xWaua-nLI

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  1. Watch my follow-up video where I explore when we might actually see this whole "metaverse" project really get going: https://youtu.be/4Ozte2GDeMM

  2. the metaverse – "the synthesis of dozens of technological trends"

  3. I don't want to attach a screen to my face.

  4. I will forever be in-depted to you 😇 you've changed my life I'll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear, you've saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment, Thanks Ms Karen Investment

  5. Dude I must say you sure know how to keep people on edge and interested in the information and ideas you have to share. This is my third video in the row and I can’t help myself but watch the next suggested video. Not a bad thing lol. Good job keep it up and I will suggest keep your info and ideas factual and only with the intent of sharing info and I think you’ll do just fine.

  6. I haven't been to a mall in years, but I do miss that experience of just random window shopping. So imagine being able to do that virtually – right now we can "min/max" shopping by searching for best deals (product quality vs cost), cross-referenced with reviews (where some reviews are sincere, some reviews are paid for, and some are just fake bot-spam). But with more casual shopping where you're not looking for anything in particular, or maybe looking for a gift — being able to browse wares, and that game of advertising trying to convince you they're the best deal (or even if they aren't the best deal, their brand has some sort of sentimental value). But old mall shopping was more than that – not just shopping for an item, but also just meeting people who may be shopping for similar things, and getting ideas of kinds of products out there. You could virtually have that experience again with an Avatar in a virtual mall – you get ideas of things maybe you hadn't considered, plus in the virtual side you could customize things (I need a bed like this, but a little taller; can I get product X in this color instead?) etc, and then it can be made to order for you — and that's more efficient than stores warehousing inventory and guessing what people need. I wonder if companies will be more open about specs of their products – dimensions and STL or 3D model files of parts. That's key to people making mods or accessories, or replacement to broken parts — where you can just 3D print a replacement (or order one from a print shop) — like imaging just 3D printing a whole remote control or headphones, with very little assembly needed. But also just printing cable brackets or small things. But we copyright songs and media – what of the creative talent for making industrial shapes of things?

  7. I'm a former college prof who taught a class on tech and industrialization and you've taught me things here I didn't know.

  8. PSVR2 will be one step towards the metavers by bringing vr to homes

  9. um, it's definitely gotten to the point where average users can use and enjoy it. for Awhile now. where have you been John???

  10. "So why is Zuck so obsessed with VR?"
    Because if you want to be God, you first have to create the universe.

  11. Starlink will bring the light bulb moment I think!

  12. Mark Zuckerberg is literally turning a movie into reality

  13. The meta verse is basically VRChat on crack

  14. I pray the Rapture happens b4 all this happens and I pray I'm in the Rapture!

  15. motion sickness..
    too geeky
    Once is enough

  16. Games have nothing to do with the metaverse, it's just a possibility, Mark's goal is not to take over the game market. MS' goal with HoloLens was only for commercial use. They only focused on that.

    MS has created VR headsets in collaboration with other companies but it didn't work. MS never invested money in the further evolution of the virtual world they created. That's what I don't like about Microsoft. They make something but don't keep it alive.

    Meta is so innovative with its headset that it has beaten all competitors. at a very attractive price. It's only a matter of time before there headset

    becomes a simple lens that you can wear. That's the idea behind the Metaverse. You could try out a new piece of furniture and place it in your home before you buy it. with mixed reality, you'll be able to place VR objects that will look real in your home. With covid this concept make sense.

    Facebook is going to die one day and they know it. It's okay that they lost a lot of money on this one. People make a lot of videos about speculations because of the crash of meta on the stock market but they are not aware of the real possibilities of this technology.

    The difference between Mark and Microsoft is that Mark is willing to take risks and go deep while Microsoft will never take the risk of losing money.

    Only time will tell. But I think Internet will change dramatically.

  17. Isnt meta just a way to beat privacy issues at FB, meta and web 3.0 seem to be interconnected ..think of decentralized identity management coupled with ecommerce much like openbazaar now with an avatar thats you. A devop could mash these things up in a weekend and have a nice 1st layer to a metaverse … adding NFTs and other budding blockchain techs later… what im interested to know is just how FB will directlly profit from such a venture …maybe the reason other big players have backed away from implementing such a simple concept that has been there more than 3 decades..

  18. Everyone is over thinking what the meta-vers even is – all it is a hub to diffrerent games with a chat element and vr aviators. Think Steam in VR. That's all it really is. Everything else is what makes up the meta-vers. Mark is targing the wrong areas. He needs to target getting VR into everyones hands – sure – but he needs to also get VR into the "Good enough" state as well so it can take over a PC's current roll + be functional for outside of gaming use (at the end of the day, what is Windows, Office, and every other application a business use). Thats the direction VR needs to go into – not some fun idea of everyone being a different person – but the idea that VR can be used in a more everyday function. On the flip side, Mark is going away from that. He makes it hard to get into VR with FB account being a requirement follow by limited hardware releases for the different types of platforms. While not all bad, we won't hit the good enough mark for a while at current speeds and thus will just take that much longer to get to everyone hands later down road.

  19. It’s literally just a stunt to get anti-trust off their backs.

  20. metaverse is not practical. If that ever take off it will be because ppl can make a living from it. Anything else will just be bothersome to use. Metaverse is bound to fail.

  21. Billions of dollars invested in VR yet is has less usefull software then the Classic Gameboy

  22. Hero and everdome… thank me later

  23. yep, the metaverse actually can be next big thing after the internet

  24. Secondlife and Eve would not have scaled if it were only in VR. I believe people want to be present in this space, but is VR really necessary to do that? Can I move my virtual person around through my phone or laptop?

  25. Nikola Tesla talk about this around 100 years ago and Edison with Big Banker's screw up his vision… In our times we have technology better of

    Virtual Boy (Nitendo VR from '95) or Sony Vita or Google Glass and there's lots of guys like Bill, Jobs, Musk and vison only for f(x)=f(x)+#$$$$$$…

  26. Tactics, mere attempt to divert attention from his true fundamental problems. This guy lost credibility already. Total incapacity to face or much less accept responsibility for his dangerous actions. It even sounds pathetic.

    I personally do not believe that at ordinary levels Facebook is to be blamed by actions taken basically due to people’s ignorance, and specifically when it comes to the developed world. But when it comes to socio-politically potentially dangerous and or unethical, immoral, and even potentially murderous implications like that of Myanmar genocide, for instance, and among the many others, it is clear Mr. Zuckenberg is seriously blindly immaturely greedy, absolutely incompetent, irresponsable and outright dangerous as the leader of such mega powerful social platform, business organization.
    Facebook has evidently also become his "little Tyrannical kingdom" where no one can criticize him without paying the price for it…just like in any tyrannical state out there.

    And that can only be expected when someone with his level of lack of wisdom find him or herself suddenly with so much power…it is bound to corroded his ability to keep the level of decency, honorability commanded by such a position–decency and honorability which seems obvious he never had afterall.

    I hope the government take the necessary steps to keep this obviously unwise and incompetent factually socially, culturally and even politically dangerous and impulsive indivdual from holding such a socially absolutely powerfully relevant position; where crucial aspects of the health of the fabric of our society are at risk by the lack of sensible and honorable management of such influential, consequential, social platform.

  27. I just watched two of his videos in a row and he mentioned Fortnite two times in a row

  28. Not Edison, Tesla was the Energy craotor that We use today 🙂 We use Tesla technology to power up factory and house 🙂

  29. It's inevitable. Technology is unstoppable and it's not a question on if but when.

  30. HA! Spending? You mean LOSING billions on Meta

  31. Imagine if it works out gaming will be on a whole another level

  32. The idea of a metaverse terrifies me, frankly. And for a lot of reasons, which i could be going on for hours about.

    But… as someone who's broken out of this hypthetical 'machine' of social media addiction, and the world of having so many products competing for my undying attention- i can say first-hand the damage it can do to someone, and just how much escaping it can help your life.

    Really- Touch grass. And i say that with no hint of irony, because as someone who has always been a bit of a shut in and a HUGE introvert… it changed my life. And i know the solution won't be the same for everyone, and i even know some who would benefit less from it, but i can tell you that Social media is not the solution for an introvert. It's not the solution for anyone. Not when the biggest players have so much power to manipulate you, and so much incentive to do so.

    The solution really is just… gratitude. We need to be teaching people to be grateful of this technology and its practical impacts, the lives it may save or may make easier, but we also need to be teaching people to be grateful for the real world we share. To remember it exists, and to remember that nothing else can be it. Nothing else can replace it. Its something we need to be teaching our children (though in a dying world i already disagree with forcing more children into it for our own selfish sakes) and it's something we need to be learning now. Because there could be more people like me, more satisfied with their lives, rediscovering the magic of what its like to actually live and not to just pretend to. Go out, see some friends, have a conversation over some coffee or a nice lunch, get out on the town without it just being part of the daily grind. Do something for you, out in our world.

  33. Sounds like second life in VR

  34. metaverse hype isn't going to make it just to appear. There's no ground work for the metaverse yet for it to be considered real. As a gamer, it's going to be Xbox that makes this work randomly on a console launch in the next 4 to 8 years. Zuckerberg and amazon and google will never get there. Reasons why is they do not have a gaming audience that's comparable to console gamers that's dedicated to push forward regardless if things are bad for a year or two. Sure everyone has a phone, but only gamers will push the boundaries to make the developers make it realistic. VR right now look like a poorly built Indie game. UNREAL engine would need to be the INTIAL SYSTEM FOR THIS GAME WORLD. WHICH THE METAVERSE WOULD BE. (Unreal engine is years and iterations away from making this possible. Think ESO and everyother game in one world. Where assets can be used and integrated in a open world version of the planet down to the level of detail that the matrix demo took.

  35. I am seriously surprised you don't have more subscribers. Your content is awesome. I just watched for of your videos in a row / all the suggested ones at the end of videos. 👍

  36. Steve Jobs didn't make the iPhone. He turned down the team that did many times before eventually caving.

  37. Insta only cost 1billon cheaper than minecraft.

  38. I finally get it Meta wants to be the AOL of the internet.

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