Welcome To Web3 Metaverse NFT Blockhell | Chapo Trap House [Versión Inglesa]

CLIP from Episode 603 – Gone Ape feat. Mike Isaac (2/17/22)

Image Credit, Anthony Quintano

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  1. Great video 🙂 Look into Bangsta Bears though, they mint on Saturday. Fire art, awesome team, great utility and its only 0.39 SOL!

  2. Come to Fanton Blockchain's Dark Night IDO on February 23 to present Bitcrush's $NICE at 17 UTC promises to be a great launch, don't miss it.

  3. There's a couple of flaws in Matt's sketch of the problematic for protestants. First and most obviously is that the advance of science and technology in no way invalidates the apologetics. God as creator is the source of all truth therefore scientific research constitutes worship, and technology is just additional means of both wickedness and righteousness. It's true that capitalism makes it impossible to live in obedience to Christ's commands, but then Christ's commands were always subversive and in conflict with worldy authorities and class society, with the kingdom of God on earth proclaimed and pursued as the alternative to class society, private property, market relations, the exploitation of man by man etc. What is making mere belief less common are two things Firstly the embracing of capitalism by most of first world Christianity and American protestantism in particular, and its abandonment of the original anti-system and counter-cultural stances, with the risk of persecution they incurs, which creates apparent hypocrisy and a lack of apparrent righteousness to confer social proof. Secondly the cultural indoctrination by commodity fetishism, particularly through advertising and the implicit and explicit messages advertisisng carries concerning behaviour, meaning of life, source of happiness and ultimate value of all things, including of the ultimate in itself. Not only traditional faiths but also working class consciousness and socialist politics are continually eroded and counter-indoctrinated by the same consumerism. People assuming that the world of capital and market distribution of material rewards constitute God's will is flat contrary to all Biblical cosmology and anthropology, and as such is only propagated within the churches by heresy, recognised or not, which erases entirely the Biblical differentiation of righteousness from wickedness. To the extent it is normal in some branches of American protestantism, it can only be maintained by systematic misrepresentation of scripture by preachers, and ignorance of scripture on the part of church-goers.

  4. Hey we destroyed the real world and the environment sorry, but look jump into this virtual reality that feeds off whatever remaining dopemine you have left, it's gonna be great

  5. Where is the open source decentralised Borg collective that can shelter us from the metaverse?

    Richard Stallman can be the Borg Queen.

  6. I had no idea there this many lolbertarians until I drifted into Tankieland. Perhaps that could be some sort of Metaverse alternative?

  7. I love listening to chapo but this sounded like tinfoil hat conspiracy rambling

  8. Tech writer: boy o boy web3 came quick huh?
    Will: … is a facebook a blockchain? wut is a block-
    Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Obviously Matt is right about almost everything and Capitalism sucks and there’s not much we can do about it bla bla bla but I just thought about the fact there’s a chance Obama has heard one of Matt’s rants about him and ever since he can’t help but to listen to Chapo every week to stay up to date with how the left feels about his ilk and it keeps me going

  10. 04:29 if you remove Silicon Valley and the Financial sector, our productivity as a country has fallen 80%. Literally the only thing keeping us afloat is the human race devouring itself through social media.

  11. It’s a little creepy how right Matt is when he feels like participating

  12. You say chains, but it's pretty entertaining.

  13. I'm currently reading Snow Crash …. freaky

  14. I am here for the Cushvlog! Roll on brother!

  15. indian voice my name is matt christman and i like to DO RANTS

  16. Wow i guess I love the fed, catholic church, and centralization now.

  17. I feel like global society is funneling towards that one scene in Evangelion that was just a black slide with text that said “2001”. No images, nothing else but Fuyutsuki saying, “it was hell”, no image could do justice to how horrifying it was.

    The Metaverse is one the shittiest versions of the Human Instrumentality Project we could’ve come up with across any timeline humanity exists in. Brace for 3rd Impact/climate change.

    Edit: If we follow Eva’s timeline, coincidentally, 9/11 almost lines up with 2nd Impact too.

  18. Matt's point about the spirit of Capital and the creating technological weapons and chains was great.

  19. Take-way-knowledgey is a pyramid scheme

  20. I hate when Matt monopolizes the conversation

  21. Metaverse and NFTs are also trying to impose scarcity on the digital realm, where all goods are infinitely reproducible! These tech bro libertarians are shutting off the water supply to Eden!

    This is why we need some way to enact a Free Software mandate. Everything should be licensed under the GPL

  22. The phrase “metaverse” really has seem to take off in the last few months ever since the facebook name change. The term is often thinly stretched to apply to anything relating to VR and/or anything online/interactive. For instance, the Travis Scott concert in Fortnite? That was actually one of the first concerts in the metaverse.

  23. You'll own nothing and be happy.

  24. I have been forging my own chains all my life. I am livestock.

  25. Did I really just hear "American slash Ulster protestantism"? Pseud's corner shite that. They're not even vaguely similar.

  26. everytime Matt interrupts you in the metaverse you get 0.00001 ETH

  27. Niels Bohr, the making of a model of a model of a model …

  28. Matt! Reason was not the premise for Luther’s Reformation. He often embraced his portrayal as ‘The Fool’ in polemics against him because he understand ‘Reason’ as the ‘Babylonian Whore’. He was able to do this because he asserted biblical knowledge over ‘Reason’, God existing outside of human conceptions of ‘Reason’. I’m not saying this as a Christian. I’m Buddhist… Beyond that, awesome clip!

  29. iv been buying up virgil NFT tweets

  30. I want Matt to make a Jonestown already so I can go there and live in a commune with my fellow believers

  31. I love Matt, but this clip exemplifies his tendency to roll over guest or cohost to go on rants. I agree with his opinions stated, but i wish he would respect an unfinished statement more. I legit felt bad for the guest they got (presumably for their knowledge on the specic subject) getting walked over.

  32. Apple also fucked Facebook pretty bad, with their last privacy features facebook lost lot of ad revenue

  33. To peraphrase Karl Marx capitalism once again buying the rope that it will hang itself in. And the truly dystopian Black Mirror tale to this capitalism if not our selling out of our values and logic, capitalism did kill itself, except we our to hollow to face that reality. We are T.S. Elliot's Hollow Men we let go of our very own humanity to chase after and have lost our very own in the Tower of Babbel that is capitalism.

  34. I could tell from the moment that Yang popped up that he was a grifter. But he does love his local NYC bodegas. 😂

  35. CA reporting in. Sorry, we voted for Prop 22 (gig workers = independent contractors = no unions), and thus gave the OK for Web 3.0. Just you wait. Screen-chained gig workers. You best start believing in cyberpunk dystopias … you're in one!

  36. Metaverse + Nuralink = the Matrix.

  37. God the way Chapo & Matt’s rant simulate the kind of fraternity and intellectual companionship I know will exist for me sometime, somewhere. . .

  38. Only Zuck would be enough of a freak to watch The Matrix and say to himself now that's the future I wanna see.

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