They Turned Me Into an NFT

This is the greatest NFT of all time.

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  1. Gotta say, I like the A1 steak sauce sitting on the desk next to the Burger King cup. I am just curious where it falls on the Asmon soda/drink tier list.

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  3. while you're at it why not expose athene and his clash of streamers scam

  4. NFTs have got to be one of (if not THE) biggest scams in the digital age. It literally is virtual trading cards that have no legitimate value using the illusion "one of a kind" as a false rarity. Anything digital can be copied and even if it somehow could be 100% copy proof, it's still just a digital trading card.

  5. Honestly I bet you would love defikingdom

    Nft games can be fun when done right

    Splinterlands is good too

  6. When the video length is 13:37chef's kiss

  7. "I don't really care about this" – Makes an entire 13 minute video about it. It's obvious that Asmongold is not very bright, at all.

  8. You are absolutely pathetic.

  9. You guys actually, really, unironically, don't understand NFTs.

    In the future, when it's actually profitable through NFTs for gaming companies to PAY YOU to play their game, you all will be doing that instead of working, and I don't believe you otherwise. Oh wait wha- NFTs? Pay me to play the game? For free?

    You will be getting paid to play games in the future without ever having to buy an NFT and they will be given to you for free. What a scam. What a horrible future. Capitalism urghhh.

  10. 2:23 Busted out laughing on a train. Hahahaahahhaha

  11. Yooo asmon can i get a grand for some smoke then bro? xD xD xD xD (joking)

  12. I think it would be cool if you reacted to Josh's video about NFTs titled "What the hell are NFTs?". It's even shadier then you think. It would also clear a lot of misinformation about them.
    TLDR: yeah, it's pretty much for scamming other people

  13. what 99% dont know is that 99.99% of the nfts are not the image but just a number on the blockchain, they dont own the image, the image is not hostet on the blockchain but on some server which could be changed to a nazi symbol or going offline at anymoment, the picture is just a representation but not what they buy

  14. love how nft andys critizice asmon bc they think he's clueless while he is investing millions in stocks making real money 😀 very embarassing for these 5heads

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  16. I Like BTC and ETH, but real money will be made with .Qardin Token. Thank me later!!.

  17. Qardin token is awaiting major CEX listings. It's possible to hit 200x this year…

  18. Amazon and Qardin Token collaborating??? Amazing…

  19. Qardin token is entering Metaverse.. Hugeee!! 50X gains ahead…

  20. Qardin token will make millionaires soon. Mark my words!!!…

  21. I believe .Qardin token will go 200x after launch on Binance…

  22. I mean… It's far from being a Scam NFT tho because they tend to promise some good returns or make a millionaire out of you. But the guy just tried to sell his artwork and also get some free marketing/recognition with the popular streamers help (It kinda worked tho, the marketing part and also backfired since a lot of people hate NFT's and don't understand and don't want to understand anything about it).
    Hmmm, I need to do some research wtf is MetaDeckz first, I thought it's just a bundle of artworks, isn't it?

  23. People saying all NFTs are scams sound the same to me as people who conflate modern socialist policies with Stalinist communism. Are there NFT scams out there? Of course. Just like with physical art, money, stocks. You can make a scam out of anything. NFTs arent inherently scams. NFTs are non-fungible tokens. It means it's a virtual item that is not fungible/exchangeable because a unique identifier and a ledger with all its transactions are attached to it. That is all it means. This concept has the potential for a lot of different applications. For one, you can have ownership over things you buy in the digital world.

    "But I could just take a screenshot of it." Yeah you could but that screenshot would just be a copy. It wouldn't have the unique identifier and it wouldn't have the ledger attached to it. You know what else is a non-fungible artwork? The Mona Lisa. I could walk into the Louvre and take a photo of the Mona Lisa. It would look exactly the same but it isn't the Mona Lisa. I could make a 3D print of it or hire a painter to make an exact copy of the painting. Still all of those copies would not be the Mona Lisa. If Leonardo Da Vinci were born today and did all of his artwork on a tablet, then what would be the original Mona Lisa? The original file? How can you tell that file from a copy? Well, Leonardo could decide to mint the Mona Lisa as an NFT and claim ownership over his original artwork no matter how many people make copies or try to steal his artwork.

    To an artist, that is quite empowering and it's why artists were the first to embrace NFTs as a medium. There are plenty of digital artists whose art has been stolen by others who claim that they made that art. Now they have a medium to prove that they made this art and it is theirs. Unfortunately, not every artist immediately mints their artwork which leaves the opportunity for art thieves to take screenshots and mint artwork that isn't their own. This is a scam and it is a big problem. However, the problem doesn't lie with NFTs in and of themselves, it lies with people who chose to do something criminal and with a lack of regulation around NFTs.

    That being said, NFTs don't have to be artwork either. NFTs are non-fungible tokens. They can be anything that isn't exchangeable. For example, when you pay money to buy a video game online, you can only play that game on the console you bought it. You don't have the option to take the game to a new console if you lose the old one. You cannot lend the game to your friend. You cannot sell the game once you no longer play it. You paid money for the game but you don't own the game the way you would own a physical copy of the game. You only get a license to play it on that one machine. If it were an NFT however, you would have ownership over that game however. You could take it to a new console, you could lend it to your friend and you could sell it if you wanted to. It is yours and you can do whatever you want with it.

    More importantly, you may buy ownership stock of a company. Company shares, just like regular money are fungible/exchangeable. If I lend you $10, it doesn't matter to me if you give me back the exact same $10 bill I gave you or one you got from an ATM. $10 is $10 and a share of a company is a share of a company. Due to their fungeability, brokers may take your company shares from your account without telling you, put an IOU in your account and lend them to predatory shortsellers because they have a contractual obligation to give you back your share. This shortsellers may sell your share to someone else. Then another shortsellers comes and takes your share out of the new owner's account sells it short again. Then the same thing happens over and over again. Now the same share has been duplicated so many times that the stock price has crashed. Your share which you never agreed to be lent out is now worth pennies because predatory Hedgefunds betting against your stock sold the same share hundreds of times when they never owned it. It's like taking a car title and making a hundred copies and selling "the car" to a hundred different people. Who actually owns the car now? Everybody who bought it has ownership claims but only 1 car exists. This is what Hedgefunds do to bankrupt companies and profit off of that. This has happened to GameStop last year. GameStop was lucky because a lot of different people noticed and created demand. However, this also happened to Toys'R'Us, Sears, Blockbuster and most insidiously companies developing cancer drugs. This practice is a huge problem in the US stock market. Unfortunately, we can't trace where company shares went because they are fungible. However, if companies started moving their shares from the centralized stock market onto a decentralized Blockchain, they could have NFTs instead of shares. NFTs have ledgers, so short selling the same share a hundred times would be impossible. The NFT shareholders would have written evidence that criminal activity is going on with their shares and could sue. Shareholders could actually execute their ownership rights, instead of hoping in good faith that predatory hedge funds won't screw them over.

    Such are the possibilities of NFTs. I'm sure there are many more applications. Unfortunately, NFTs have gotten bad press and people conflate them with scams. That mindset is holding society back.

  24. "for the community" what a moron. I hope he gets sued out the ass.

  25. If he truly didn't care about if the things made money or not and just wanted to "do something cool with my art and streaming", he could've just made his art and uploaded it onto the streamer's reddit respectively (or other means of having the streamers see it). He 100% wanted to make money from it otherwise the nft scene would have never even been a thought for him.

  26. nfts should only be made by the original person/creator or by those that have the rights for a certain intelectual property ( dont get me wrong i dont agree with any nft for my own personal reason and is just a scam that many companies are gonna use and abuse to make even more money) so other people that arent the personaly related to the nft they create shouldnt have the rights to sell it for profit (example if asmond wanted to create a nft of himself and sell he has the right to do it since he owns his own image but if i wan to make a nft of asmond and sell it should not be possible since i own no rights to his image to be able to profit from it)

  27. Let's appreciate the hard work to put a smile on our faces when we get sad pTb

  28. Nft be like " i have the utmost positive intentions , but also the most scammy methods and objectives "

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