The Evil Business of NFTs

Cunning Wolf Society NFT:

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49 comentarios

  1. Jake really happy bc of the not showing dislikes update cause let me tell ya this video must be flopping so hard rn 😆

  2. the real question is that whats up with that brain tumor in that 3.6 thousand people who disliked the video

  3. I feel like all he's done is show how to make your own rug pull (personally I think NFTs should completely start over as it's a market filled with stolen art and shady businesses which is why I don't look into them)

  4. Вот реально что такое nft.

  5. Him talking about the team behind the invisible friends, "They're very transparent"

  6. Doing a rug pull for an already sold out project is like selling a money printing machine

  7. Actually it’s incredible how just by building hype u can trick people into believing that they the only owner of a jpeg picture by explaining complexe terms that are actually non sense like all that blockchain bs when money to easy there is always something shady behind it don’t ever forget that

  8. So nfts are based on scamming people .. yea I didn’t learn anything on this side

  9. I see crypto and nfts in general as just money laundering schemes. With the "blockchain" and other buzzwords that just boil down to a system that tracks transactions and ownership of <currency/nft>, its so many transactions per second that the money is impossible to track. Thats a money laundering empire right there for the taking. Lets say you have 10k in blood money, that you can put in a bitcoin ATM and sell the bitcoin for a profit, and to clean the money. Its a nightmare to keep scams and other illicit activities with the rise of anonymity and stricter privacy laws.

  10. All you're doing is mimicking the stock market. The stock market allows you to be partial owners of a business enterprise for as long as you own the stock, unless, of course, the company goes belly up or merges with another corp.

  11. Hana and her team really knows their way around trading which provide guarantee daily profit. From her deep knowledge of how the market works to succeed without any lost, reading signals to perfection. It's very secured and safe trading with her when it comes to crypto coins/Nft's stock. Simply reach her with the details above.

  12. I'm glad I was apprehensive to subscribe. Fuck this channel

  13. Jake has an interesting idea where he makes videos about how to make money rather than doing the leg work of making the money. I'm not saying what he does isn't easy but it does allow him to profit from these markets with much less risk than if he went out and took part.

  14. This is just the newest pyramid scheme…

  15. Jake, I love your channel, for the love of all goodness to not do NFT'S.

  16. I love the "If you buy their NFT you get access to their tool for FREE"

  17. I see nothing wrong here. Just playing the game to win.

  18. dude, here's the thing NFTs themselves aren't evil they're just technology, its all the people running countless scams & rugpulls, all the toxic celebrities & influencers scamming their fanbases

  19. finna make so much guap with this

  20. How do you even buy and trade NFTs? I honestly know nothing about this.

  21. Does advertising for NFT scams and then makes video about it, I think your essays are great but your advertising choices are terrible

  22. Bro, picrew invented the NFT before people starting selling

  23. Sometimes after seeing shit like this makes me question, am i doing the right thing by going to school and trying to live a modest life

  24. I think its time to go outside. 😉

  25. It’s so annoying how Americans pronounce Adidas.
    It’s not Adee das. It’s made by Adi Dassler / Adolf Dassler and his brother Rudi / Rudolf Dassler started Puma.
    Linux is pronounced as Lee-nux, not lie-nux and to annoy you I’m gonna pronounce Levi’s as lay-vis, like it’s actually supposed to be pronounced.

  26. First of all, if anyone's ever gonna be able to "own the internet" – it's not some random dudes with NFTs. It's the companies like Amazon, Google or Facebook – who not only provide web search engines, social media or delivery services, but also own all those data centers and server capacity that holds good chunk of the internet, way beyond their own websites. So yeah, they are the closest ones to being in control of the internet.

    Meanwhile, saying that some random dude with a few kilobytes of data can "own the internet" is like saying you own your friend's apartment cause you once took a leak in there. Sounds really stupid and doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

    And don't get me started on all those "potential benefits" that cryptobros desperately try coming up with when questioned on the purpose of NFTs – it's always complete and utter bullshit that either makes no sense, or is just outright bad idea – and all it takes is 10 seconds of thinking about it.

    Take for example this guy right here in the video, talking about house or car ownership deeds – it is essentially a gift from heavens for all kinds of cyberstalkers. Just think about it for a second: you post some shit on the internet, and anyone who's willing to check doesn't just have some clue about your whereabouts – they got 100% guaranteed proof that it is indeed you living in that specific location, and as a bonus they also know the exact fucking car you drive every day. Then, they'd have to look for other NFTs attached to this place and/or vehicle – and they also know with 100% certainty if you live alone or with family. Wouldn't take much in terms of social engineering or detective work to know all of this shit – you'd be giving it out yourself on a silver platter.

    To think of it, it's not only gonna be useful for cyberstalkers, but also for serial killers.
    They'd just browse some social media like everyone does, wait until they bump into a person they like (but not in a fun way) – and they'd immediately know whether that person lives in a place that would make fitting the murder into one's schedule easier – no need fo tracking people in person, no long and inconvenient trips, no random waiting in dark alleys or guessing about victim's living conditions and marital status.

  27. This man said nfts are as big as internet was lmfao what

  28. If u buy an NFT, you kinda deserve this happening to u.

  29. @15:40 Burger King and Budweiser are "pioneers" in NFTs? Really? When Fortune 500 companies join in, it's late bro not early. Real late.

  30. @13:58 I DO NOT see NFTs replacing car titles or deeds to property. If someone manages to get possession of this NFT title to your car (you were hacked, you were forgetful with your security, etc.), you will be forced by the authorities to give the car to the NFT holder? You will move out of your house because someone else holds the NFT deed to your house? I sincerely doubt that.

    Maybe it is beneficial for some of these things to be a little more difficult to transfer, as opposed to digital currencies or financial accounting ledgers…

  31. LOL, i have done it !!! lmao
    cool vid tho

  32. You should take a look at Bored Apes' creators being racist neo-nazis

  33. Beanie Babies might as well just put out their own NFTs at this point.

  34. But NFTs aren't held on the blockchain I thought 🤔
    When you own a NFT all you get is a web address to where your NFT is at

  35. I just started watching this channel not too long ago, and it gave me that scam expose vibe. I'm sorry but I'm abit confused about y then he's promoting it.

  36. Comment section is funny. It's filled with people with blind faith/unfaith.

  37. Even regular nft's are a scam though.

  38. I really hate when anyone refers to any of these nfts as having really great art, it is all completely trash images, I don’t think it’s really appropriate to call it art at all, it’s soulless generic garbage, those apes and the cunning wolfs and all the other ones I’ve seen are talentless empty computer art, it’s honestly gross how lame they look

  39. Great content man, it's great you're trying to sell us this scam and being completely shameless about it. Holy shit

  40. I’m interested in learning more about NFT’s

  41. please do not buy into this scam. such a dishonest and disingenuous marketing video

  42. NFTs suck and have no potential.

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