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  1. HI Eddie moon? Please can yo tell me how start from the biggener I don't have any ideas can start from $300 dollar how to start from the scratch please please thanks

  2. For what I know Nexo just drop a new policy that won’t pay any interest to new customers

  3. you should upgrade to Platinum tier

  4. Sure you gain interest everyday, but yoru misleading people when you say that its compounding daily.. because you decided to lock it up for a month, which prohibits that interest from being added to the pool and gaining interest!!! just an fyi.

  5. saya mendapat hasil yang sukses berkat jenius ini God bless you

  6. saya mendapat hasil yang sukses berkat jenius ini God bless you

  7. If you want us to watch 10-20 minute infomercials, you are going to have to drop some actual content between them once in a while.

  8. Thanks for the video, very informative! I would like to hear the author's opinion on trading bots like Vik_from_wall_street, how effective they are

  9. Why nobody in youtube claims to be finacial advisor and yet they give financial advice?

  10. day and knight waiting for another video of Eddie to the MOOONNNNN

  11. I must rather go with decentralized than centralize but I love what nexo offer

  12. Love the passive income strategies and videos!

  13. If you ever see a “Qardin” token or anyone who recommend an unknown coin. DONT EVER BUY IT! ITS A SCAM! They’re everywhere trying to scam newbies! But they fail because they’re too obvious and losers in life.

  14. Your passive income videos are click bait language for me, thanks keep it up!

  15. Come on you said 5% per/M from your btc and you recive 0,00011 per day x 30 day its around 0,0033 = 130$ for 30 day. Whrere is 5%? From your btc?

  16. This guy is a con. He Scammed a Pastor from Kenya

  17. Thanks for your content Eddie! You’re one of the good ones on YouTube!!

  18. Hello Eddie, I’m really struggling to withdraw money to my bank account, I did a lot of research but I couldn’t find any thing helpful, so is there any video you have makes on some issues like this ???????????

  19. Im on nexo,and havin hell of a time still cantdeposit fiat usd no costumer service?

  20. Hey Eddie could you talk about the changes in the US with the BlockFi settlements and how that affects current accounts and new accounts, I signed up using your referral code and I really do appreciate your videos and all the information that you give, you do a really good job

  21. I'm a Celsius man totally Trust Celsius but should possibly open a NEXO account but I don't think I will.

  22. So you make $206.82 daily from $61,220.74 deposited according to the thumbnail? That's 75,489.3 for 365 days or 123.3%/year even without compounding? Don't understand how you get that with ~8%-12% for the coins shown in the video..

  23. Guys just use Anchor Protocol to get 20% APY on UST. They don't have a referral program and that's why Eddie doesn't promote or make a video about it.

  24. Love the passive income contents that you put out. Been doing some of them ever since 👍👍

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