#Metaverse | Walmart VR Virtual Shopping Experience SXSW [Versi贸n Inglesa]

This is how Walmart envisions Shopping in the #Metaverse. Thoughts? 💭
Capitalize on the next mega-trend
That is greater than the internet and mobile phone revolutions combined

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  2. So is this person in their car with Walmart right next to them while on a vr set while the car is getting an oil change !!! Doesn鈥檛 make sense.

  3. or you can just press a few buttons on your phone/pc and place an order, seems a lot faster and easier.

  4. This is just creepy and unnecessary

  5. Wow, it's the worst aspects of VR, online shopping, and regular shopping all wrapped up as one. If only it could give me covid through my headset it would be perfect

  6. It鈥檚 kinda weird you can just shop on instacart and instacart don鈥檛 have tvs just go on Amazon EZ

  7. Omg, shopping at a fake Walmart for groceries, that has to be the funnest experience ever! The visuals look just like walmart! And a bonus for that, you鈥檒l also get eye strain and a tired ass neck.

  8. So are you doing this from your car?

  9. Horror movies could learn a lot from this video. This is creepy and uncomfortable.

  10. I always laugh when they just throw the milk

  11. Now I'm just imagining these forced tutorials everywhere in the metaverse forcing you to buy $900 worth of random shit you don't need everytime you enter a new store and it's just hilarious

  12. Might work if it kept me from having to be mugged and shot on my way to WalMart.

  13. The future is here folks omg 馃槼

  14. It's cool but it lacks the charm. Where's the entrance? Where are all the virtual employees stocking the shelves? Where are the teenagers fighting in the milk aisle? Where are the Karens arguing with the managers? It's nice but it's too robotic, we need to make the metaverse more realistic. If it looked more inviting I would definitely shop here though, it is cool.

  15. While we're at it, we should get "ordering at mcdonalds" or "shopping at target"

  16. Imagine kids using their parents account to get some cigarettes

  17. Absolutely stupid, time consuming and energivore way of doing shopping. I really hope this world will collapse.

  18. So you shop in the game and it gets delivered to your house in real life?

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