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Así es por dentro uno de los METAVERSOS más interesantes del momento. ⬇️ ¡ÁBREME! ⬇️ …

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  1. Godaddy is that old? I've just heard of them last year and been spammed by their ads ever since!

  2. yeah, but Kendrick was good right?

  3. That ad ruined barbie for me and i've been obsessed since the 00s

  4. how do we know that you aren’t just getting more class-conscious and… wiser

    how much of it is really “the super bowl sucks now,” vs “the super bowl continues advancing to the inevitable logical conclusion of late stage capitalism, all of the institutions and brands and personalities powering its entertainment value continue stagnating and syndicating rather than innovating, and on top of it… I’m older”

    does it really suck more than last year or did it always fucking blow and you were just too young to see why

  5. only young artist in the halftime show was kendrick

  6. I just watched your video today and realized I missed the Chicago shows 😭😭😭

  7. Noooo! Why did I not watch this til today! Wish I could seen you in Chicago dude! Next time!

  8. noel just put it all on the line😂😂👏👏

  9. Come to Salt Lake City for a show

  10. Noel’s head looking extra shiny today

  11. out of all the people i expected to see have a capitalism breakdown i did not expect it to be noel miller

  12. Lol, me. Especially when I brought up that neon jetski at the Oscar's after years of it happening only for an oscar nom to come out with a 10 character word "flummoxing". And, then bringing back an older tumblr post I havent posted in years and the ads seem to go even harder to thump on you about the thing you were protesting. Now you know why I'm all 😎, because when y'all come to ask for my help yall gonna catch these eyes like nobody else on the day of my dayghters wedding. And, is why I decided to go all professor x when he was shooting up when he still had hair because people just do not care to the point you would think this was the fucking matrix and everyone was converted into a Smith except they get too stay who they look like and instead get more possessed than converted. Black mirror, biiiitch the illuminati was up in my dreams this week and i know at least 2 youtube muthuafucks that were in that shit. Aint no one really watching the Oscar's like the old days I hear anywho. Lol, me. Watching this made me not feel so alone though so thanks for that that shit was a vibe.

  13. I think reaction videos is killing the Internet

  14. Camera quality increased or am I tripping?

  15. The fact there was literally an add of metaverse in the beginning of this video makes it even better

  16. noel putting my exact feelings abt this years supreme dystopian vibes into words is strangely comforting :')

  17. I have been asking you to come to Chicago for a minute then you preform out in the suburbs. Hope it went well

  18. My cousin in law made the Barbie and the lays commercial. Man looks like the Chicago version of the dude who owns barstool mixed with Schmidt from new girl. He’s fly tho.

  19. I can honestly say that NFT news is the only news im tired of hearing at this time in my life

  20. So glad I didn't see all this. Brainwashing

  21. Hate it and love it … If you understand?

  22. People who usually give up in life are people who lose in life, my first experience happens to be a failure but I never gave up cause I knew it was going to work out for me,fortunately I'm smiling today by getting involved in investment.

  23. No no, people loved the halftime show bc not many Gen Zers even watched it. So the only people liking it are the people who can relate to it. We're still engaging with content we love, just not thru primetime TV

  24. Metaverse commercial: "You are this dog"

  25. QR code my favorite by a mile


  27. if this goals add was to me make feel creeped out depressed and cancel

  28. Reaching bro, that half time show was 🔥

  29. This is why you use an adblock ok not in this video but in general use an adblock

  30. Glad I'm not the only one who felt like these commercials were straight out of a Black Mirror episode

  31. i noticed the lack of ethos-based commercials. i don’t remember seeing any commercials that would tug at your heartstrings like usual.

  32. That animatronic commercial is super depressing

  33. “The cup clapin lady” 😂

  34. I wonder how many people even remember The weeknd halftime show or that it even happened. Probably the best one in my opinion. That was a performance. And is no one gonna talk about that play where there was like 3 fumbles in one play. That’s like never happened in a super bowl before I don’t think.

  35. Are we going to brush over that one crypto commercial where it was just a QR code bouncing around the screen for 30 seconds with no text or anything?

  36. My favorite super bowl moment was seeing all the mask nazi celebrities not wearing any 💀

  37. Honestly don’t think it was a bad commercial, feel like everybody just shits on everything about the meta just for the sake of it. It showed a guy with his friends having fun in their “glory days” then going through shit in life, then reconnecting with his old friends and having fun again through the meta. Might’ve been laid out weird, but people are just being cringe with all the meta shittalking lmao

  38. I thought the rocket mortgage commercial was funny because yeah I went from just wanting a Barbie dream house to currently going through the hell that is buying a real house. Relatable af honestly.

  39. All part of the CIA mind control destruction of western civilization brainwashing programming agenda. Its all being done on purpose.

  40. Finally someone has some sense with these absolutely insanely dystopian commercials

  41. I think the concept of making an event where one of the main points is to have ad companies compete in making the best psychological manipulation for profit is kinda dystopian in itself. American capitalism at its best presenting its worse.

  42. Noel’s eyes look different in this video.

  43. This reminded me of a 4chan post from like 2-3 years ago talking about how religion is no longer the center point of culture but computer algorithms are. And damn he was right all along

  44. I thought The Weeknd had a good super bowl performance. Enjoyed it more than this year's.

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