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  1. *Any of you lucky enough to mint Invisible Friends? NFT Wizards Discord Link Below:

  2. I Need to get your Wizard pass

  3. Saw my name in the giveaway! :(( almost me haha

  4. Love ur PARTICULAR Style haha 🙂

  5. I wish I got the IF! Love your videos!

  6. Invisible Friends is insaneeeee

  7. Really appreciate you putting out guides like this to inform new traders on the do's and don'ts, thanks to you I have profited 1 ETH! and I have only been in this space for abt half a month.

  8. Darn you are wise beyond your years my friend. I learn so much from your videos and you know how to analyze projects very well. Thanks a bunch.. Looking forward to getting on WL or else minting.

  9. Tem um curso muito bom na Udemy que explica tudo sobre NFTs: NFT – Como funcionam os Tokens Não Fungíveis

  10. Hey sajad what do you think of the project ‘Diverese’ has over 100K followers on twitter and a good community but no one is really talking about it

  11. That’s so nuts people pay that type of money😧😧

  12. Excellent Video. I'm always learning..

  13. Love your analysis style – makes it really easy to understand the trends and patterns that the majority of NFT projects follow.

  14. Really loving ur content. As a newbie it helps a lot.

  15. Yo Sajad, what is your opinion on Rubber Duck Bath Party?

  16. great video as usual. thanks a lot. looking forward for more awesome content.

  17. We appreciate your hard work for us Sajad 💪🏼💪🏼☺️

  18. These videos of yours really helpful for us 💯💯💯

  19. i love ur videos i hope i can get WL <3

  20. great informing video thx and i like that site btw

  21. Hey Sajad, I need some expert advise. I minted cosmos kidz some days ago and the floor price never really went up enough for a flip…and now I'm struggling to sell it without any volume in the project, I don't know what to do now….should I hold until the price goes up?? Or should I sell it for the current foor price and move on to the next project?

  22. Brilliant as always and huge thanks for Compass tip🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

  23. Impeccable video! Looking forward to the next

  24. Please do a live flip video of any of the upcoming projects.

  25. hello Sajad, can you explain in a video how you can find project to flip? like the videos btw!

  26. Another helpful video, thank you!

  27. Invisible Friends mint would have been nice.

  28. I'm planning on taking my vacations in March so I can focus more on NFTs. I hope there are good projects out there minting soon, thanks Sajad.

  29. Love the insights as usual sajad. Keep up the good work

  30. another great insight, thanks for all the help

  31. Love your amazing channel, really learnt a lot from the last few videos, keep up the good work!!!

  32. Learning a lot from you. Looking forward to the next video 🙌🏾

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