Into The Metaverse – SOME MORE NEWS [Versión Inglesa]

Hi. In today’s episode, we explore vast new digital worlds! An ever-expanding landscape of virtual delights and innovations! That you have to pay for with a hideous illustration of a monkey!

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Executive Producer – Katy Stoll (@KatyStoll). Written by David Christopher Bell (@Moviehooligan). Directed by Will Gordh (@will_gordh). Edited by Gregg Meller. Graphics by F. Clint DeNisco. Head Writer – David Christopher Bell. Producer – Nick Mundy. Researcher – Marco Siler-Gonzales (@mijo_marco). Associate Producer – Quincy Tucker (@LTP313).

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Source List:

00:00 – Introduction
04:08 – What Is The Metaverse and Should We Care?
17:31 – Why The Metaverse Is Just Going To Be Another Way For Companies To Steal Your Data
25:56 – Capitalism has Already Ruined the Metaverse
34:27 – Corporations Have No Idea How The Internet Works, Also Teens
38:18 – Zuckerberg’s Version of The Metaverse Suckerbergs.

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49 comentarios

  1. So meta verse is gonna be less cool vr chat? Ok

  2. I would have bought the latest Occulus-Model for me and one additional for my friend, but … I NEED to register at facebook . . . thanks for nothing. Now I spend my money, enjoying leisure-time in a traditional way … playing ArmA3

  3. We didn’t lose Cracked; they lost you.

  4. Katy is less charismatic or interesting than Zuckerberg so please stop shoehorning her in. She just lets all the air out of the show.

  5. The reason kids don't go outside is they are surrounded by a boring, ugly, depressing city that is if you live in the usa. Roads for miles on end "ohhh boy mother can I go outside and play on the sidewalk?" I mean if we still had our natural surrounding that were there when the cities were nowhere to be found we'd all be outside way more often enjoying the streams and the large open fields playing games and things of that nature or should I say human nature. The older generations have built disappointing cities that dehibilitate us and keep us locked in place. My little brother has never even seen a river before but he has seen a dried out riverbed full of trash and broken glass oh boy how fun. I mean our generation is just so ungrateful am I right?

  6. You know, there's a pretty simple solution to Zoom Fatigue that my company figured out like 3 weeks in…. Don't require cameras.

  7. You do age pretty well, Mr. Cody ^_^

  8. All of this reminds me of a class I took on Technology in Education, where the professor complained that "the kids" were all using Twitter wrong"

  9. Power washing simulator became popular. We just dont know. Also no lawn mower man 2 reference; that uninteresting.

  10. Oh hey, a mention for the Virtual Boy.

  11. Anyone have thoughts on Decentraland?

  12. @2:20 “…Sorry, it’s Facebook” haha!

  13. This is no joke the first time I've come to correctly understand what Metaverse is supposed to see and the fact that it's actually exactly what I thought it was- literally nothing- is genuinely hilarious.

    PS serious thank you Cody and Co for not doing another episode about some neocon turd (Crowder, Shapiro eps). I simply do not care to hear about them at all no matter how funny it is

  14. Mark Zuckerberg makes me give a second thought to those lizard people conspiracy theories

  15. bruh you're deadnaming meta this corporaphobia

  16. Some of you think that when Cody said "all this metaverse jizz" he was talking about cum. The wise among his audience know that was actually a deep cut reference to the kind of jazz they listen to in Star Wars. Which is to say, jizz. Lucas called space jazz, jizz. And we stan here at Cody's showdy.

  17. Tron Legacy soundtrack WAS NOT robots fucking

  18. But Mr. Luthor, I mean Zuckerberg, will I be allowed to go outside in the future?

  19. I play an hour of beat saber everyday. VR is pretty cool. We have to make sure that we use it to enhance our afk lives, not replace them.

  20. I know I'm not the only one who thinks/says this, and I know it is mean, but….Zuckerberg looks like a fake person.
    Idk why he looks like comes from the Uncanny Valley but since he looks like that even in the promo of his Metaverse I'm starting to think no one is telling him.
    Cody says he is out of touch with the people, true, but also he doesn't look like a people and isn't doing anything about it.

  21. Can someone please explain to me why no one is comparing this metaverse with VRchat? Am I the only one who sees these two as being essentially the same thing?

  22. Ahh yes, virtual real estate. The epitome of dumb. Just like in 2nd Life that never took off.

  23. One needs to watch Surrogates to find out what happens when Metaverse takes over. VR is a huge gimmick right now in the social space. Until our entire bodies get immersed, its nothing more than strapping a screen to your head and warping around.

  24. I LOVE YOUR SHOW – – but i can't stand watching 4 mid-roll advertisements

  25. this was a really long ad for moonfall

  26. I take offense to your "troll face avatars" line Cody…but you're not wrong.

  27. 04:29 "New technology like the Oculus Rift" lmao.
    Rift is years old and completely obsolete.
    It's the Meta Quest 2 now. The next version will be out soon.

  28. 0:03 I don't know why, but watching a 30 something with a receding hairline make impassioned blaster noises like a 5 year old child had me in fuckin tears right out the gate 🤣🤣🤣

  29. The 4D graphics are going, Cody. we just cant see them, as we cannot perceive the dimension!

  30. Ugh Zuck's face is just so fucking offensive. Like his actual face. I really hate looking at it. His personality shines through it.

  31. We like your face Cody, you are beautiful and sweet!

  32. It's funny how Zuckerberg seems to focus on making your avatar look exactly like you. That's not what people want.
    A big reason vrchat is so popular is the weird and crazy avatars people have. That's what makes playing it so memorable. Ever had a conversation with a 1in tall toy soldier, Pikachu, and a chair before?

  33. Who would want to work on a virtual office if we are already working from home. Barely interacting with my coworkers is one of the few joys of my job

  34. Jeff Goldblum sounds exactly like "crazy" Nick Cage. Gotcha.

  35. The Internet, at its core, is still fundamentally the same as it was decades ago. Unfortunately, people have just decided since that time, that the perceived "benefits" of advertising supported platforms such as YouTube, outweighed the personal costs of running your own infrastructure. The internet has always been "free" as in speech. It was never "free" as in beer.

  36. I don't watch this channel often, so idk, maybe that's common and I just happen to have watched only some other type of videos, but the amount of "humor" made this one almost unwatchable

  37. So you have 8h of work in the VR glasses every day? But you have to take them off every time you want to use a bathroom, grab a snack, drink coffee. Nonsense.
    VR is a future thing for education, entertainment and hanging out with people who live far away.
    However for office work and daily tasks I would rather have AR with advanced voice assistant. /Tony Stark and AI/

  38. Literally haven't heard any regular person talk about metaverse.

  39. I though about buying a VR headset a few month ago because watching people playing Beat Saber looked like fun. And then I found out you have to link a Facebook account to your VR headset or it won't work without it. Like why? I don't even have a Facebook account, what would my headset even have to do with it, it's not like Facebook sells you VR games or anything. So I said fuck it and honestly I'm glad, saved me 400$.

  40. As the world gets hotter and more toxic every year…just like meeeeee!!!!

  41. How dare you besmirch the Tron: Legacy soundtrack as mere pew-pews? It also has Jeff Bridges doing unnecessary voiceover and a respectable number of bwoms.

  42. VR is a ton of fun for games. Dumb expensive, but fun.

  43. The TEENS want zucks head on a spike

  44. Thanks for the Strongbad reference. Always like hearing more people remember Homestar Runner fondly.

  45. Really metaverse is an attempt to grab more market share of our attention. People use Facebook as long as is possible- during their leisure time. The only way to increase user ship when you’re already monopolizing every minute of leisure is to branch out into work. If they could figure out how to get us to metaverse in their sleep they would push for that too

  46. I'm just here to say I feel seen as one of the like, 8 people that remember playing Matrix Online. God that game was a shitshow by today's standards

  47. Thing is, technology advancing the tangibility of storytelling and our ability to share a collective imagination… that's a thing that's happening. But you also can't monetize it. These tech bros have been away from the counterculture too long, and they barely understand the Yggdrasil/Ashvattha. It's not exactly something you can claim real estate on…

  48. This is kind of like Second Life but if you're using VR it's more like the now-defunct offshoot of Second life known as Sansar. Nobody really liked it much because it made them feel dizzy and uncomfortable plus the graphics weren't nearly as realistic as Second Life.

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