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0:00 – Intro: Rebranding Myself
4:22 – Finding Principles That Align With Your Goals
6:27 – My Journey To Freedom
8:57 – Outro: What Are Your Principles?


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  1. Kingspeed has come with a great thing again
    Have you heard of nft game that don't require Money, but you benefit buy playing it

  2. This dude gotta wait till Bitcoin drops to 10k. He needs to cash out

  3. realest thing ive heard in awhile. Felt that!!!

  4. Yesssss sir. Entrepreneurs must move like chameleons. Do whatever it takes to survive and never surrender 💪

  5. DORAEMON INU revolution in the world crypto and financial markets 74

  6. Definitely not a bad idea to diversify outside of crypto with some profits.

  7. DORAEMON INU revolution in the world crypto and financial markets6

  8. 1.Resiliency… 2.valour ..3. persistance / obsession

  9. You can wanna change the world with new idealism of crypto
    but you will never be able to change the people operating within this world

    A lot of toxic bullshit.

    I'm happy to be a part of fundamental secrets not only for crypto education. But MINDSET like yours is key. I appreciate your ability to diversify. You a real 1.
    Adapt and overcome!!!!

  10. Facts, I am in this to build real world asset wealth along with passive income. Crypto isn't my only goal. I want a working farm like my grandpa used to have. Being broke isn't a lack of funds but the lack of ambition and vision.

  11. “Alexander Bruce Leerenzo” …. Is like Water, he flows around and adapts to obstacles. Yes , his mustache floats above the Rice Paper and snatches the pebble from his masters hand. He has graduated and become the teacher.

  12. FUKya that’s what I’m paying for.

  13. Freedom! We the people have the power ✊

  14. Yep Find Principles for yourself-

  15. Hi Alex, if you’re looking for a day job, I think Alex Becker is recruiting a personal assistant 😂

  16. Every other video is like this…lol

  17. Buy low sell high. Pretty simple concept. Most don’t do it. They don’t take profits when they should and don’t buy when the market is in the toilet. I work 5 days a week 14 hour shifts. Then I buy crypto. If your not buying in a bear market get out now because you don’t know what your doing.

  18. Easy to say when you’ve already made money in the market. A lot of us are waiting for that opportunity. Good luck with your new ventures.

  19. This is the reason why I subscribed REAL AS FUCK.

  20. I commented before the end…right on man !! Level up no matter the odds 💪💪say that then !! I feel u….💯💯

  21. Your shine is inspirational…honestly I love seeing you win because it gives me goals to set seeing you do it is super motivation for me personally…but I feel bruh do what you feels best for you I ain't mad at cha either way…but don't let haters knock you out of your spot because they mad they ain't winning ..they gone blame everyone except the person they see in that mirror on a daily basis!!!

  22. This is the WORST ADVICE IVE EVER SEEN. Anytime you run when there’s blood in the streets you will not succeed at SHIT!!! BEAR MARKETS ARE WHERE YOU MAKE REAL MONEY!!!

  23. This man said Real Estate!!!! Anything you buy right now will lose easily 30 to 40 %. What a dumbass move

  24. Watch your viewership leave in masses. Real Estate is a major loser right now. You buy anything in real estate you will lose money. GUARANTEED. Your channel got popular because of crypto. No other reason bro. Your IN YOUR FEELINGS BECAUSE YOU BOUGHT THE DIP THAY DIDNT GO BACK UP🤣🤣🤣. This will be my last time watching this channel

  25. Are you interested in business cooperation?

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