I Tried Making Money In The Metaverse [Versión Inglesa]

I tried making money in the metaverse & the results were pretty crazy…
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The crypto metaverse is just beginning but there are a ton of opportunities. With many play-to-earn games or nft games like illuvium, gods unchained, thetan arena, gala games and axie infinity. You can actually get paid to just play games. There are also opportunities to buy nft land or virtual real estate in worlds like the sandbox or decentraland – inside of these blockchain games you can even work a 9-5 job.

The future of cryptocurrency and the metaverse is exciting.

Decentral Games:

Thetan Arena:


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  1. i aint ever meta real one that didn't hit the like button

  2. @Jordan Welch plss tell me which metaverse did you use face book or decentreland

  3. here we go 'ready player on' is coming for realistic life

  4. I have subbed I would love the oculus headset so I can get a job in the metavures

  5. Ayeeee let’s gooo bro keep shining We All Gotta Eat (Wage) 🔥👑💯

  6. Hey Jordan, i will really want to see how things grow in the metaverse. i love the oculus

  7. Glad someone is trying out metaverse! Awesome video 🙏🏽

  8. Thanks for answering a lot of my questions!

  9. so… it's all online gambling…

  10. People like you are more concern to make MONEY than living in the REAL WORLD. It's scary.

  11. Would really appreciate if I win the giveaway. I am a dropshipper like you who became something from nothing.

  12. 40h a week inside metaverse?! Are you kidding me.. Then how hell would looks like lol

  13. If you talk about metaverse you have to talk about the LUFFY project, if you are a connoisseur 😉

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