EVERYBODY Is Wrong About The Metaverse [Versión Inglesa]

Everybody is wrong about the metaverse. And if things continue the way they are, Mark Zuckerberg gets exactly what he wants. What his gameplan is and how his move to rebrand to meta is the perfect power move – we will discuss in ths video.

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Chapter overview:
0:00 Metaverse Pros and Cons
2:06 The crazy state of the metaverse today
5:44 What Facebook is selling us
6:58 Metaverse Demo lol
8:14 The real intentions of Zuckerberg
9:57 Why Zuckerberg might still lose
11:01 How to make money regardless
12:13 Live in Kevin Jon’s world

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About Meta

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  3. Well, everybody also thought that Zucc would challenge big banks and revolutionize the industry with libra and generated lots of hype, but today the project is dead. Let's see

  4. To Kevin Jon: So, everyone is wrong, and you are right? Sounds to me like you are an Egotistical Maniac…

  5. Lol.. Live in my world! (once it's built). I think this is the correct analysis though. It's all about Zuck…


  7. iPhone can now disconnect all tracking and guess what happened? Facebook lost 260 billion dollars 😂 you dumn to think Mark Zuckerberg's winning because Microsoft, Google and apple can very easily destroy Facebook in the future

  8. Heya! I wish you'd stick more to finance videos! Yes!

  9. You're Funny Kevin. Editing is also excellent

  10. I have been using oculus and let me tell u.
    Zuck is going to fuck everyone on this.
    Because it is extremely addictive

  11. bro bro give me 100 dollar I am poor until 100dollar

  12. Great Stuff. I started watching your videos last year as a beginner before giving stock and crypto market a trial. I was able to make $972,000 within 3 Months with a capital of $200,000. keep it up!….

  13. Best tip to financial-freedom; have a reliable side hustle. I made $25,000 from mine.

  14. Where you are promised everything but are left with nothing. What the Zuck

  15. web 3.0 is the future. doing entrepreneurial ventures in the space alongside my degree because of the huge opportunity

  16. Kevin, your content is amazing. Keep up the good work. Lets seek and exploit opportunities.

  17. I found Zuckerberg's burner account

  18. At this point this is a Facebook's hobby not a investment.

  19. We are all gonna make it brah

  20. Rockefeller had Monopoly on oil back in the day and Standard Oil still got split in multiple smaller companies. Plus he won't live together, software eventually get outdated even in performant robots.

  21. Mentorship 🙂

    Millions of gamers are very willing to invest substantial time & resources

    into modifying, improving in virtual worlds.
    Gaming is just one industry that’s already seeing blockchain-native business models

    emerging. This will impact virtually every industry.

    And we’re in the very early innings…

  22. Other than constant American presidents’ demonization by the other party, I don’t think there’s a character that has been more vilified

  23. Damn man I love your analysis. Would love to have a chat with you!

  24. Mentorship 🙂

    Your storytelling is amazing and fits perfectly in this field. Love it, keep it going!!

  25. Where are you from ? I can’t identify your accent

  26. Mark already winning there’s no competition… remember mark said in the keynote he just wanted to provide an entry to the metaverse the oculus is the most used on steam and most used headset for vr rn no one can afford to make there headsets $300 meta will be the main one we go to for hardware for the years to come he made vr mainstream…. Still don’t trust him but it’s inevitable

  27. FarmVille gonna be ludicrous in 8D Metaverse OTM call options all day baby 🐄 🚜

  28. "I'm selling an NFT that will give you access…" I swear to God, for a second I thought you were serious. Influencers are really squeezing the NFT trend.

  29. Meta will undeniably will play a crucial role in making the metaverse possible especially on the hardware specs for vr. I don't know what will be the the business model of meta in the near future but it will likely rake trillions of dollars. But I hope that small entrepreneurs can still make a large commision on the products they produce.

  30. But selling shovels, in this case, seems highly unethical (as you already mentioned). Meta is just an evil company.

  31. "Thoughtfully"
    Great content bro,keep Going!

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