What is Metaverse? | Use cases and Investing in Metaverse? | CA Rachana Ranade [Versión Inglesa]

Hey folks, you must have heard about how Metaverse started to boom since the rebrand of Facebook to Meta. In this video, we will decode what a Metaverse is, it’s use cases, how you can earn money through the Metaverse, and the risks involved.

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What is covered?
00:00 – Introduction
01:06 – What is Metaverse?
06:29 – Use cases of Metaverse
16:53 – Can I invest money from investing in Metaverse?
22:59 – Risks involved

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  1. Simplest explanation for a complex concept !

  2. Good try to explained the concept

  3. Digital self becoming more important than physical self? This is not a good thing. This is categorically a bad thing!

  4. Hats off to u ma'am ..the way you have explained…has really made it easy…..

    This concept is a new planet all together,…. However evrything is still virtual, hope / wish these brilliant minds focus / invest on making real life more easy to live .

  5. BITCOIN Jindabad…. Hailing for BTC… Thanks for including such a wonderful idea in my life for a beautiful upcoming universe… I m so excited and looking forward for this metaverse… JAI HIND

  6. why she is so thrilled its a devastating thing for humans

  7. Nothing on Left & right @ end of the video to click – some editing missed

  8. This means now we can visit Bermuda Triangle😅🤣

  9. Very well explained . Thank you.

  10. If you want to know What is Metaverse in the video format, just watch the movie called 'Ready Player One'.
    Say 'Yes" if I am correct.

  11. I enjoyed and understood this concept so clearly that I feel bad for being able to like this video only once…
    So here are 1000 👍🏻's for such a well explained video…

  12. Metavears is a dangerous technology for human being and for the entire world also. Boycott Metavears

  13. Even a layman would understand the concepts because you explain them so well…. Hats off to your unique style of imparting useful knowledge ..

  14. Ma'am I wonder how do you come up with sooo creative ways of teaching, so simple and very informative….
    It's just like, till yesterday I didn't know anything about Market and now slowly and slowly I am becoming genuine.. 😎

    Keep the good work up always ma'am …

  15. Hats off to your video editor…

  16. Just watch 'Ready player one'. You can understand what meta verse is

  17. @ CA rachana Phadke Ranade where is Axie infinity article

  18. I am able to understand the tricky concepts easily with your videos Rachana madam. Explained with good examples. Thank you!

  19. In the whole video I have started thinking about the risk of theft in meta-verse? Is their possibility of stealing or robbing in meta-verse where does we would be able to see whether that piece of land is on our name or actually someone else is owing it? Is there any land serve department like we do have it in real world?
    Yes, I know there would be registered in Block-chain registration. But questions are endless…..
    Please also make a video explaining NFT in details… TIA

  20. Good mam
    Very well explained. I have seen many video of metaverse and I can say mam you are the best
    Thank a lot mam

  21. Ha ha sahi se padh lo behen metaverse phle

  22. Very insightful, thanks a lot maam!

  23. I really agreed with your last statement

  24. Few minutes ago, Warren Buffett talked in BBC news about how investors and traders can make millions through Crypto. He also recommended an expert Mrs Betty Harris. Wondering if any viewers here are familiar with her services?

  25. Atleast the food will remain real 😀

  26. Your explanation skills are brilliant Ma'am. Complex subject made easy to understand. God Bless

  27. I agree with the second risk you discussed, it can be an addiction for many of the people even we can't ignore the effect on health through this. It could be an investment opportunity in initials but again this concept is just based on user experience and a bubble which can be end at anytime.

  28. Madam, truly this is the best video on clearing the concept on metaverse. If any indian effort to make this virtual universe. No competition, no entry barrier, only make and throw world .

  29. Nice explanation……I just Loved the last part
    U r honest with Ur opinion as always
    Thank U

  30. Wonderful video done here, the addition of giving great examples completely simplifying the concepts is remarkable. Awesome!

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