Watch Mark Zuckerberg's vision for socializing in the Metaverse [Versión Inglesa]

At Facebook Connect, CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveils his company’s vision for how users will interact and socialize inside the Metaverse.


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  1. or ya know u could buy a VR headset and download VR chat and not have to sell ur soul?? judt a thought

  2. I hope this becomes a tremendous hit, so at least 5 billion people will stay indoors always, meta-freaking each other, so the rest of us can go to national parks, beaches, movies, restaurants and malls in the real world, without overcrowding. Great job, Zuck. 😍

  3. A world without the Zucc is going to be a better world.

  4. Privacy…Yeah right…they have redefined that word too.

  5. Asinine. A complete waste of resources.

  6. “I’ll tip the artist and they’ll extend it” are you telling me Mark’s idea of the future is having to pay someone to look at their art?

  7. This guy probably cant deal with society or hes a loner so he created a virtual world 🙂

  8. Just push me off of a cliff. I'm done.

  9. meta "my eternal timeless assets" ! 😂

  10. Facebook is sinking like the titanic! Biggest market loss in history.! Wait until Trump's platform goes live! Bye-bye Facebook

  11. Unfortunately 80% of the human are sheeple not people so they still probably use it

  12. But really I'm just standing there in my room wearing goggles. I won't be able to walk because I'll just bump into a wall. This whole thing just seems lame. It's like a sims game but it's not a game so it's just… sims.

  13. I think I may help Mark with my new electronics that gives better safty messures so nothing goes wrong as give better privacy and makes better safer computer's

  14. When the reality is ridiculous , the virtuality is also ridiculous ..the vanity is killing our vitality .Get up Stand up , stand up for your LIFE

  15. children already interact and play on simples versions of that, online games where simple actions and socializing are the main thing (sorry I'm uncapable of remembering the names). This generation will flow naturally to an enviroment as metaverse, the borders with reality are already very confused to them. I think he forgot to say that to have the house or the avatar you dream tou will have to pay. That IS the cruel point of touch between realities.

  16. Mark, when you say "we will be able to invite ppl to our virtual home ".. How do WE connect to our virtual house and invite friends? Through a laptop that sits on wooden desk in the real world inside a real house?

    Also, when you say "we" I assume you and your friends will be leaving your nice houses and move into a virtual houses too? I mean Mark! You should invest in retail property in your virtual reality world, think about it.
    Please Mark, can I play the cop in the virtual world? We can make loads of money by fining virtual ppl virtual tickets! Amazing!

  17. Reading the comments makes it clear why there is no longer a count on the 'dislikes'…

  18. I dont think ya'll realize YOUR NEVER going outside again!

  19. And they will control everything you eat, drink and buy. you'll die of dehydration and be happy about it

  20. He keeps talking about doing lots of fun things "with your friends." I don't have any friends IRL. How about helping me get some true friends? How about helping sinful people deal with their own character weaknesses (selfishness, laziness, jealousy, anger, etc)? How about giving all of us a sense of purpose, Mark?

  21. The RobberBanker families are at it again as one system is distroyed they create another to entrap and enslave the human race once again ….. hmmm not this time Suckerberg/Rockefeller

  22. For those who have taken the jibbity jabbity you have already started the process into this insane transhuman world ……..

  23. Living in illusion. I wish Mark good luck. hope he is gonna spend all his life in this Matrix artificial existence with his wife. He is the Devil. This is slavery

  24. Imagine a facebook boot, worn by socially awkward people who speak only in cliches, stepping on a human face — forever.

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