The Bee Weekly: Metaverse or Mark of the Beast? [Versión Inglesa]

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The Babylon Bee discusses life in the Metaverse, including going to church in the Metaverse, with Christian astrophysicist Dr. Jeff Zweerink from Reasons to Believe. The Bee also talks about everything else going in the writer’s room and, of course, the notorious hate group, Westboro Baptist Church.

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  1. If you go to Metaverse church, do you go to MetaHeaven?

  2. Calling Joe Biden president is like calling Hillary Clinton electable.

  3. Congratulations on that 15th anniversary

  4. So funny about the $100.00 invoice
    Will share to Missionary Spencer Smith who gets hate mail.

  5. Sounds like doing dope some will be adversely effected at first, some will notice adverse effects later but will get addicted to the euphoria part and later will have to weigh those two effects and choose. The ones who choose the euphoria, the addiction will take power over their lives they will create their own identity and change their perception of reality. MORE will be needed

  6. Virtual reality where people actually die? Isn't that what sword art online was about?

  7. Don't feel bad Kyle, I didn't get the 50 Cent joke either, and I am in your generation X-D (that's a laughing emoticon)

  8. I miss eathan!! Bring him back!!!

  9. Honestly watching these guys at the Babylon Bee, as much as I love their content, and love how they point out the hypocrisy of the left… When I watch them I can't help but feel that these are not the examples that those who would be true Christians should follow… They are silly. That may sound arbitrary. What I mean is they lack any seriousness connected to that which pertains to the Future of those who would wish to be apart of! While in their satire they jest about the hypocrisy of the left politically, what they feel to realize is that in a sense they're making everything that they chastise a joke!! What they fail to realize while the rest of us are laughing, is God is not laughing at all.!!! None of us should feel any security while laughing at the evil that is being done!! When all we are doing is simply making fun of it!! God will not honor efforts such as this!! These people are no different than the world!! They have found their calling here and they're receiving their reward in full!! Honestly what are they doing to advance the kingdom?? What they are doing has nothing to do with what Christ has commissioned us with!! Sharing the gospel with people, contending for the faith!!!! All the Babylon beer is doing is preaching to the choir!! They're telling them everything they want to hear!! There are scratching itching ears!! Advancing the kingdom involves sacrifice!! I've yet to see how these men have sacrificed anything, and I am unconvinced!! These men are not of God!! However, I pray that if they understand the gospel that has redeemed them, that they would be convicted to do that which if they are real Christians rededicate themselves to the calling to which their King has called them to that being the filling up of his kingdom!! By convincing as many as they can with every breath in every ounce of energy in their body to converting as many as they can to the gospel of the Kingdom of Christ, repent of your sins, turn back to God, except Christ as your savior and model yourself after him!!

  10. Again, having gotten through 10 minutes of this video, and I love the Babylon bee!! Maybe more than I ought to, I'm being convicted about satire!! Anybody watching these videos, please look in to the origin of satire!! It is a form of mockery!! Such should not be the spirit of those who desire to follow the model of Christ!! What does the Bible say?? What did Jesus say to those who desired to stone the woman caught in adultery?? Did He not say, let he who is without sin cast the first stone?? I'm not saying that we ignore that which is evil or bat an eyelash.. what I'm saying is the gospel is to call people to repentance, to turn from their sin, to turn back to God, to recognize their own insufficiency and thus accept the one who makes them sufficient, namely Jesus Christ!! By so doing modeling themselves after him.. how do we get people to do this?? We can't!! Except by doing it ourselves!! This is what convinces people of the truth of that which Jesus himself preached! No one will believe unless they see it lived out in front of them!!!

  11. You guys obviously operate on a platform that is meant to appeal to those who are.. quoite un quote of the faith, however you deny that which is written, you make a mockery against those who could be added to the kingdom!! If you care to venture look up the definition of satire!! Go ahead do it!! You see where it originates!!

    Just as Jesus said, and I am guilty just as any such as the nature of man in our pride, quote you do not know what spirit you are of end quote!!! True believers do not seek the destruction of their flesh and blood human adversaries, rather there reconciliation!! I know how tempting it is to point out what is obvious hypocrisy from your / our perspective, but what you fail to realize is your own hypocrisy!! Our own hypocrisy!! For we are all guilty!! And have been graciously forgiven!! As it says in the Gospels Matthew and Mark when certain disciples of Christ asked whether or not they should call down fire from heaven to devour those in the cities which rejected the gospel of which Jesus sent out certain individuals to preach. What was his reply?? You do not know what spirit you are of!! I think what he is saying is that you are as guilty as these of which you wish to condemn!! Jesus is different than us, he is a man who lived a life completely absent from sin. He was guilty of nothing and did not deserve the payment of death. Yet this is why he came. If He came not the rest of us would be hopeless. Let us not harbor resentment toward our fellow brethren. If we are to operate in the spirit of our savior let us speak no evil one against another, but leave it in the hands of our father who's in heaven.
    Don't be mistaken, I'm not saying that we should not speak up against evil, you go doctrines, evil ideologies, evil persuasions that entice men. However we need to be careful that we do not fight against our own interest, that being the purpose of Christ's life and death and ministry. He came to seek and to save that which was lost, this is from the word of God. And that which was lost is that which was forsook through all of our parents namely Adam and Eve through original sin and it is this which Christ Jesus has come to repurchase. So let none of us who claim to be operating in the function of of God's Kingdom be found standing in opposition to that which Christ himself came to perform, that being the glorification of his kingdom, which is glorified primarily with people and the fruits to which his word is able to produce in even fallen men..

  12. I don't know if the mark of the beast will be connected to Mark zuckerberg's metaverse or not. However it will be connected as the Bible says to an individual's ability to buy or sell!! Look at the book of Revelation it explains it all! For crying out loud this material has been available for millennia!! Read it!!
    The recent vaccine mandates ring truer then zuckerberg's metaverse, that's all I'm saying, I'm not saying that anybody who took the vaccine is now marked with the mark of the beast, however I would venture to say they are doing a good job at practicing..

  13. Fundamentalism does not hate homosexuals.

  14. I don't believe in God. But I enjoy the show. I think Christians are the modern version of the Pharisees
    Hell is an idiotic belief and it's satanic, not biblical at all
    The Hebrew and Greek words interpreted hell are not accurate. And Jesus rebuked the Pharisees using their belief in this Greek myth to show their hypocrisy
    I'd be happy to debate and prove anyone wrong about the myth of eternal hell

  15. "…And 50 Cent." Because they were 50% of the way through the Super Bowl.

  16. Thanks comment section! The punchline to the super bowl joke was that Adam “forgot about Dre.”

  17. Guess he forgot about Dre.😅

  18. If I hear "created" one more time….

  19. So which of you is "All This" and which one is "Moron"?

  20. Always enjoyable conversations. However, to suggest that this reality is a "simulation" since "heaven" is the final reality is too much of the Gnostic-type glitch that has battled against true Christianity for the entire history of the Church. Christ left Heaven to come not only to earth but into creation in order to redeem all of creation. The ultimate destination, remember, is not "somewhere out there" but a here that includes God having brought the spiritual dimension permanently into the earthly dimension. We pray that in the Lord's prayer. "Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven." The danger here is specifically that technology also has a Gnostic trajectory. It's why we see a rise in body dysmorphia. The further abstracted people believe the true self to be in some detached manner away from the body, the more the body and the material simply seem to be "getting in the way". Christians have to be careful to not fall into this. The full actualization of the redemption of the physical is what we are waiting for, not a disincarnate rapture out of it. The meek will inherit the . . . what?

  21. In the beginning, does he say "more on" or "moron"?

  22. Half-time joke: Was it at Fifty-Cent should have been pronounced "Fiddy Cent"?


    ●●●●SNOPES FACT: FALSE●●●●

  24. I'm shocked Asshole Seth lets Adam plug his channel on here…he probably charges him a advertising fee…

  25. Less sponsors and more show please… its getting out of control JackAss Seth doesn't need more money…

  26. Make the Bee Great again… bring back Ethan

  27. Where did you get your Theology Nerd shirt?

  28. Is the "half"time show funny because it ends with "50" cent?

  29. if i were completely deaf i wouldve missed it.

  30. It is amazing how anti-science vax pushers are.

  31. Since the vast majority of adults Just Couldn't Be Bothered to pay attention to the existence of the Fukushima ELE, kids don't have a future.

    The Fukushima ELE is THE number one problem currently existing. THE number one.

    The Fukushima ELE has already slaughtered more life than anything else since the Asteroid Impact ELE of 66 million years ago. And it's still only in its beginning state. The Fukushima ELE still has an extremely long time yet to run its course. Many, many, many thousands of years.

  32. "Once you go full crocoduck, you never go back."

    —Albert Einstein

  33. I don't get the 50 cent joke either

  34. Gay pride ..race pride black pride…gangster pride.. arrogant pride simply God resist the prideful it's the prideful causing division today

  35. Seth Dillon, master comedian…the bulk rate had me on "the floors" laughing

  36. Canadian Police Horses trampled elderly women with walker.

  37. Lol the Westboro baptist church came to my hometown 3 years ago bc our college football team had one homosexual guy on the team. I have no clue how they found out bc we’re all the way in small town, nowhere Illinois. But holy crap it was a shit show. Those people are literally insane.

  38. where is the subscriber lounge?

  39. everyone got blue from watching Avatar.

  40. Cell phones check every box of the mark of the beast (second half of revelation chapter 13) Keep in mind there was no hebrew word for selfie or face time. So the words that were used was image and life to the image. Also, the number… Don't get hung up on the numeric value; Focus on what the number is. It is the number of "his name". What tech giant has a number for it's name and you have to have to buy or sell anything in our modern world? GOOGLE Keep in mind John only saw this in vision. He may not have had time in the vision to discover Apple and it's iPhone.

  41. @ 49:01– Answer for Major Kong There IS a word for that, but you wouldn't be able to pronounce it because your mouth would be full of vomit, so there's no practical use for it.

  42. I don't get the half time show joke…. and I think that's why it's funny? Maybe?

  43. Don't be a dufus and sound like you don't know how to speak English. ALL anniversaries are yearly; that's what the 'anni-' in anniversary means. "16-year anniversary"' is redundant, and, therefore, bad English. The passage of one month does not make an anniversary, so one says, "one month anniversary" because it ISN'T actually an anniversary. It should be called a 'mensiversary'.

  44. I drink smoothies to act like an adult when I really want a milkshake.

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