Something isn't right about Meta's Metaverse [Versión Inglesa]

Hello, today I break down Facebook change to Meta and Meta’s commitment to the metaverse. There is so much to unpack here. One one hand Meta is offering to build our virtual world and provide jobs and money to anyone and everyone in it. On the other hand, this isn’t yours our my metaverse. This isn’t built by the people for the people. This doesn’t feel right and there is everything at stake here. Please let me know your thoughts.

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  1. This is the most important thing in our Virtual Future, we need to make sure it is handled correctly. This is not an attack on any company or person or vision, this is a legitimate concern for our virtual future.

    Lets talk deeper about it PLUS I have a cool video for the nexus on my discord:

  2. Can we all acknowledge that Metaverse is the name of a product, not a description of a thing. There is nothing Meta about it at all. Let them call their garbage whatever they want, and just don’t use it.
    Metaverse is not the name or descriptor of online VR interaction. Just the name of a terrible product from an immoral company.

  3. I'd take that up with Donna Zuckerberg she probably the balls behind Mark

  4. "I'm trying to keep this as BASED as possible"

  5. When you ask a person "Have you heard of Ready Player One?",
    some people will think of the book.
    Some people will think of the movie.
    Mark Zuckerberg thinks of an instruction manual.

  6. mark: its a future that beyonds anyone that competes us
    vrchat: i exist

  7. The Metaverse (Not FB's) needs to be a decentralized structure that provides all the functionality of a VR world without the elements of any world – open source and forever improving on the core and capability. Then allow others to build out their own worlds within this structure where users in this massive platform can move from one world to the next, or remain in the one they like. Each world can be on it's own server(s), own rules etc connected to and functioning via the main core platform.

    There could be several of these Metaverses, each specialized toward the type of experience the users of the VR worlds seek. Gaming (ultra realistic or minecraft style), ultra real dating and human interaction worlds, corporate and business functionality worlds and so on – the possibilities are endless.

    And who knows, likely the term Metaverse will go by the wayside as it is now becoming associated with Facebook and a lot of people do not like that. Who knows, but based on past experiences people and business have with Facebook's opaqueness and lack of transparency – plus heavy handed censorship, instant account closures etc…

    I doubt if too many entrepreneurs and businesses will put all their eggs in one basket of a Facebook Metaverse. There is no way I would buy digital assets based on, and minted to a Facebook platform when Facebook is so well know for pulling the rug out from under you with no explanation or ability to dispute an issue.

    The value of digital assets will be to high in the future to leave it in the hands of a platform owned by Facebook.

  8. This is exactly how I felt watching it he was just calling out our natural progression as a collective and branding it as his own. There wasn’t a single like when I watched it 😂

  9. Holy shit dude I'm 5 minutes in to this video and you have said like 45 seconds of noteworthy sentences

  10. will Rogan be allowed in Facebook's metaverse?

  11. The Sandbox is the metaverse anyone can own

  12. Keep Liveing In Metaverse. While We Get your Money and Own your Existence.

  13. 0:47 kinda sad when the avatar looks more lifelike than the person.

    yall dumb af callin it Meta when its just VR plain and simple Virtual Augmented Reality

  15. Also, there are already so many people who have last touch with reality, and it didn't take VR to divorce them from the world. I don't think we want to find out how damaging VR-aided delusions could be.

  16. Zuck's avatar with eyebrows is cursed lol. And his vision is uncannily sterile and bland. It's like an Ikea catalog but you're expected to live there and not redecorate or get dirt on the carpet. Gross. We see what you're doing, Facebook. You aren't fooling anyone by trying to change your name.

  17. I agree with everything your saying man. The digital world should come from OUR imagination. The "man" already has a say about everything we have in the real world. They shouldn't control everything in the digital world too. That's ours.

  18. Oooooo, slavery that exist in a game world …… "What are they calling it?" The meta verse.

  19. It's all about fake lives and fake connections.

  20. I have a VR headset and love it for games, working, and for the future potential. That being said, all of the presentations about how it will evolve are just full of buzzwords and corporate cringe. No one is hype about their avatar flying around a table during a poker game, Zuc. And that’s what 99% of the Meta “vision” seems to be: Some hokey Wii-like universe.

  21. part of the definition of a metaverse is that it's opensource which facebooks or "meta"s will not be so they are stealing the name for their selfish dreams of ruling thw world basically

  22. Yeah, them getting in on it the way they are really kind of makes me afraid of the future in a way. It's like being told the internet itself is run by a corporation, instead of them creating their own space on the internet. And not even just in the aspect that companies help us connect to it with internet providers. But this feels like if a company actually controlled the internet. And that is a weird and scary thought.

    But then to realize that's pretty much what Facebook is trying to do with how things go forward… I'm not a fan of this.

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