NFT के हो ? कसरि पैसा कमाउन सकिन्छ ? – NFT Explained In Nepali

In this video, you will learn what is NFT in Nepali? How people are earning money from NFT, what are various platforms to sell NFT, and the present status of NFT in Nepal? his video is only available in the Nepali Language.

Timestamp For NFT Video:
00:00 – 01:00: What is happening?
01:00 – 04:28: NFT Explained With Example In Nepali
04:28 – 06:36: How to Sell Non Fungible Tokens
06:36 – 10:35: Current Status & Conclusion

Watch What is Blockchain In Nepali:

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26 comentarios

  1. NFT को बारेमा तपाइको विचार के छ ? Comment गर्नु होला

  2. really appriciate your video i like very much from south korea

  3. bro hamro nepal ma PayPal account illegal x legal x .hami or PayPal used garna milxa k mildaina plz reply garnush la

  4. म बिदेशमा छु , मैले NFT सुरु गर्न सक्छु ।
    मैले NFT सुरु गर्न बिदेश्मै bank account हुनु पर्छ कि नेपालको bank account भए नि हुन्छ ?

  5. सकिगोनी अब त जति चिच्यायनी

  6. Nft ma Kam grn milx ki nai yo Nepal ma

  7. Sir, what is the secret behind NFT pictures and why are they so expensive?

  8. Dherai bolnu vayo Kam garer dekhaunu

  9. But bro crypto currency 💲 nepal ma t illegal ho ni

  10. crypto ——>country economy unstable
    Economy unstable ——>less money in politicians pocket
    Less money in politicians pocket—->crypto illegal 😔

  11. bhanna na milneye bhayera hola,Nepali haru ni bhaye holan .Show garnu milneye bhaye hunthiyo

  12. Proud you are absolutely right yes it should be really develop and forward according to the future condition.👌🤝

  13. First of all cryptocurrency should be legal in Nepal

  14. Legal Cryptocurrency, forex trading and international stock.

    Lets raise our hand ✋ wake up Nepal Government

  15. Informative video bro bt just a suggestion tapaiko video improve huna nft ko related jun last ma warning thyo teslai timestamp banayera rakhnu hola coz man6 haru nabujhi yesma ghusna chahane ni hunxann so it will help them

  16. Very good to follow up the instructions. Reaching out for more support,mistakes and opportunity in growing cryptocurrency investment and trading platform..thanks pls don't text scammers comments and testimonies be warned ⚠️we are the best offers

  17. Bro tapai ko video herera nft banaiyo sell ma listing pani gariyo. Tara derai vanda derai manxe ma puraune chai kasari? buyer samma ta puraunu paro natra jo famous x auneru ko mata aagadi auxa hola marketplace ma? so derai vanda deeai buyers samma puraune idea dinus na.

  18. Yo video ma jail janey potential cha bhai

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