Metaverse: What The Future Of Internet Could Look Like | Why It Matters 5 | Virtual Reality [Versión Inglesa]

Facebook has bet big on it, changing its name to Meta in October. And it’s caught the imagination of tech founders as far back as the noughties. The term metaverse was first coined by American author Neal Stephenson in his sci-fi novel Snow Crash in 1992. It describes a parallel digital universe and the next iteration of the internet, which promises to allow us to live, work and play within the virtual world.

Host Joshua Lim experiences the technologies that are already unlocking the promise of the metaverse today, and explores what the brave new virtual world would mean for us.

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About WHY IT MATTERS: Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. It is transforming the world we live in faster than ever before. Our inquisitive host Joshua Lim is back on a mission to sniff out the emerging trends and technologies, to ask the questions you have always wanted to ask, and some you have never even thought about.
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19 comentarios

  1. 💰⚰Truth is it can take over people's life by anything or any one. No one will knowing. More and more people are getting ISOLATIONS by reall world.

  2. There's no real value addition to your life.

  3. Why would you create "true to life" metaverse? Or look exactly like in real world? Missing the point of metaverse, just live in real life then

  4. What if real life is a nother worlds metaverse

  5. Lol. Cartoon world. Lmao people are so weak minded to be consumed by fantasy rather than reality.

  6. You will own nothing and be happy!!!

  7. I get the idea of creating a parallel virtual world but building structures is not easy and not what I would consider an out of this world experience. I think immersive NFT projects like Starlight nft, where you get to live in outer space, will be the trend. Agree?

  8. This just doesn’t look like fun. I Guess its second to not going there but honestly I think if I can’t have the real thing I don’t want it at all. Its the difference between wearing a condom or not wearing a condom. The experience is par non to the the real thing.

  9. Is this what life is coming to , stay home to Interreact with people. very say times ahead 😔

  10. The problem with VR headsets is you lose the human feature of actually talking to another person. SL tried the headsets and they were not well received. Open source content was available in SL for years. I just hate how these huge tech companies are suddenly acting like they discovered this Metaverse.

  11. Listen…the world that god created us is already good enough its beatiful

  12. There is going to be lots of people creating an avatar of themselves who they wish they can be….
    Living fantasy life…, never come out of the house and live in the fantasy…, I know it’s coming but
    it’s kinda sad in a way…, and interesting as well.
    I the end, the truth does not change.

  13. The best decision I ever made in my life was investing in the crypto market. Trust me guys, it really pays a lot! 😊

  14. Look like another diversion for people while elite steal more from us erode our rights and freedoms and the plebs have there heads in a make believe world what a joke

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