Metaverse explained: What is the Metaverse? Does the Metaverse exist? [Versión Inglesa]

Metaverse. The most hyped word of 2021/2022. What is the metaverse? Does it even exist right now? How will we get there? When will we get there? Who will create THE metaverse? Will there be dozens of metaverses? Whose metaverse will be the best?


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  1. Many people no longer know the difference between reality and virtual reality and they end up killing their mom / ex-teacher / etc!!!!!!
    Better ask and see if your child does know the difference … or else!!!!

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  9. The Metaverse is definitely here to stay. We can´t even grasp what will be possible in the near future. We´re building Casinos in diffferent Metaverses right now (Sandbox and Decentraland), purchased virtual land (worth over 300K USD) and have a team of builders designing a "Las-Vegas" Style Casino. By holding an NFT our community can take part in the financing (and will also get 50% profit-share) We´re excited for the future and hope to welcome you soon in one of our estates.

  10. Very informative Sam. I’ve been hearing the term “meta verse” being tossed around a lot lately. I didn’t quite understand it. I first thought it was related to the oculus goggles.

  11. for the metaverse i am waiting since futurama…

  12. Im so glad i grow up in the 90s and early 2000s they were the best years..

  13. So it’s a virtual fantasy for “SOME ADULTS” with no lives or basically an anti social human being, who can’t look another REAL PERSON in their eyes and a have real conversation……So Facebook was the test and now it’s changing its name because people are catching on that they’re living in a false reality which is called FAKE NOT REAL!! Watch The Social Delima, the former makers and employees who invented Social Media like Facebook will explain it all, so basically it’s just tracking your searches and they sell your info that you’ve goggled or search. Talk about something and your phone listens, try it out and see if what you talk about pops up on your Social Media Apps, uh and the maker of Tic Toc was fined for being a pedophile when he should be locked up, MONEY EQUALS POWER, but I promise you there is a God does real justice in this life or the next! The one quote I saw on the documentary is that theres are 2 types of categories of Addictions, “One is drug use obviously and the other is software.” Software addiction is real just walk around and look at people looking down on their phones while eating, driving smh, in the bath room constantly, the list goes on. Revelations explains it all. Apples logo is a bitten apple with a chip (SIM card) inside it. Eve gave Adam the apple to take a bite of the forbidden fruit, then a chip inside it too, Mark of the Beast!

  14. Thanks for the explanation man! Thumbs up 👍🏾

  15. In the 20th Century, some had the vision of Consumerism, as to make fortunes.
    Now, possible realised, only a Virtual Universe can handle infinite growth.
    So, for the ones unable to handle desires and greed that might be the solution … 🤯🙃

  16. do people really want the metaverse to exist? wtf

  17. I can finally live out my serial killer fantasies

  18. Did anybody else notice 2 Dyson vacuums in the background? lol

  19. Good explanation . I had no idea. Just seems like a word that’s popped up and is everywhere now. Nice one

  20. honestly its kinda scary and cool at the same time

  21. Can you imagine the irony of humans coming up with a metaverse that is essentially the same experiment they are living in while creating their own version? 🤯

  22. great overview Sam as always!

    the thing with "the metavers" is there's no such thing as a "the", there are many. I don't see any convergence on the horizon, the internet centralised over the last 2 decades and will continue to do so. And no, a distributed ledger of transactions is not a solution for that.

    these "metaverse" products are fundamentally MMO games with VR. they all run on different engines with different data formats and sync protocols. A single metaverse is going to require one of two things: standard specification with cooperation from companies or… monopoly. which one is more likely with the current FTC's approach to vertical merges? I'll let you work that one out…

  23. is vrchat considered a very close yo metaverse?

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