How METAVERSE will CHANGE your LIFE? : Business Case Study + a Special Clip Attached [Versión Inglesa]

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Video Introduction:
CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg or Satya Nadella talk about it, the metaverse is the future of the internet. Or it’s a video game. Or maybe it’s a deeply uncomfortable, worse version of Zoom? It’s hard to say.
To a certain extent, talking about what “the metaverse” means is a bit like having a discussion about what “the internet” means in the 1970s. The building blocks of a new form of communication were in the process of being built, but no one could really know what the reality would look like. So while it was true, at the time, that “the internet” was coming, not every idea of what that would look like is true.On the other hand, there’s also a lot of marketing hype wrapped up in this idea of the metaverse. Facebook, in particular, is in an especially vulnerable place after Apple’s move to limit ad tracking hit the company’s bottom line. It’s impossible to separate Facebook’s vision of a future where everyone has a digital wardrobe to swipe through from the fact that Facebook really wants to make money selling virtual clothes. In this video, we give our take on the Metaverse.

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  1. Why meta services is not available in India.
    why we always lag behind.
    wanna try it so hard……..

  2. Who create meta verse . Graphic designers or animators?

  3. Metaverse gonna big flop….
    And i'm as sure as elon musk.. 😎😎
    So bhaiyo just chill..

  4. 11:01 I will be waiting for my acceptance in Think School Metaversity.

  5. Great job narrating the Meta verse and linking with the importance of Expression, Engagement and Experience with a real story… Your videos are so informative and Interesting.. Thank you very much !! 🙂

  6. Although I love your content but the connection b/w cost of TWS and Spotify's arrival didn't make sense. We had cheap wired earphones back then, didn't we?

  7. Can you please make a video on books which we should read?

  8. virtual world 🌎 now
    is just like
    crypto currency in past (2010)
    metaverse now is like
    bitcon then in past
    invest in it who knows you may become millionaire 💰 🤑

  9. Watch film LX2048 I am just terrified after this I am sure meta would go in same direction may be not in clone the real personal part but everything se in this is possible.

  10. You are looking little bit like Messi in thumbnail 😄 , love to watch your videos

  11. Would this mean that live events can be attended through metaverse, will the performers and views be wearing head gears and performing

  12. We are soon going to be stuck to a digital glass instead of smartphone.

  13. Fb has started paying Indian youtubers as well…

  14. Great video explaining Metaverse's potential impact not just in the business side of things but in how we will interact in the virtual space. Stunning!


  16. Me apne sapno me sab ghum leta hun or sab se mil leta hun.

  17. It is a shame India does not innovate….

  18. Meta Verse is only helpful for specific area.(not for daily use )

  19. Metaverse is a waste of time. It will put more and more people indoors which will have a negative affect on the mental and emotional health. Well time will tell how and where this technology will take mankind. Second life was a prime example of such metaverse failure. Just my thoughts.

  20. The potential negative consequences far exceed the positive ones. Considering how woefully ill equipped governments are at regulating tech, the negative consequences are going to dominate. Just look at how divided society has become as social media grew in adoption.

  21. This video gave me a whole new perspective of looking at metaverse. Thankyou think school ❤️

  22. hence meta will kill your livelihood and u will end up in a virtual world with highly red-colored eyes causing health issues

  23. What were the fun activities that you had that opened up people for brainstorming?

  24. First of all, who the hell are these people who get so much time to waste during office hours? Where do they come from? And By the way, attrition rate is not going to come down because of a virtual world meeting sessions. It depends on factors like money ,work culture etc.. And, a toxic work culture will feel even more toxic in virtual world where senses are high. Your video is good but with wrong analogies. You need to get a real world office job to understand how actually project deliverables happen in office. Your Teaching sessions job is not going to help understand these things.

  25. I mean like bruh will we need to just live in this world then we wont even know our body and we when we see our selves in the mirror be like who tf? Are you and then to realise that all that we experiencenced was fake just like ready player one

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  27. Just now I read a news that a woman was gang raped in meta verse her avatar wion news are right dude..

  28. I'd love to go to my nearest Haldiram's restraunt in metaverse… crazy tech!!

  29. Can you please make a vedio on bharathpe business model?
    How are they generating revenue without transaction fees? Also revenue under 12% club?

  30. The last clip reminded me about the events and fests preparation which I participated along with my friends

  31. I am from Pakistan and desperately want to bring some change to its education system . Your this video motivated me as how you selflessly are sharing knowledge

  32. Hi sir, I watch all your videos, I'm your fan. I wanna attend your classes physically, where it is? Is it in Chennai?

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