Gravitas Plus: The Metaverse Explained [Versión Inglesa]

Gravitas Plus | 2022 is expected to be the year of Metaverse. A virtual universe where reality meets imagination. How safe is it going to be? Will it make our lives better or will it manipulate our perception of reality? Palki Sharma decodes.

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About Meta

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24 comentarios

  1. You don't have to be immersed in it forever. Playing it is an option obviously in your control. Why hype up the fear against is by calling "It is at best an imprisoned reality"?. It doesn't have to be imprisoned. You can stop playing it whenever you want just as you can stop playing cricket whenever you want.

  2. Swordart online coming soon😂

  3. Absolutely right!! Our life will be reduced to illusions only.. Weird and Self destructive

  4. Lie is truth misrepresented ; bogus dollar is the real green bag doctored ; the virtuality reality is the real you SOUL PERVERTED OR DECEIVED !.

  5. It will not hack the mind of analytical mind of children but also make vulnerable physically.

  6. People who usually give up in life are people who lose in life, my first experience happens to be a failure but I never gave up cause I knew it was going to work out for me,fortunately I'm smiling today by getting involved in investment.

  7. World created by God > world created by humans
    Metaverse is going to be a curse. Unless it is taken care by the govt. Magazines like Forbes also include virtual sex in metaverse concept. Every crime every sin will be maximised, innocence killed, and meta official, mentioned in the video already declared that.
    The last lines of the video are so real

  8. It’s going to become government mind control . Sniffing glue would probably be safer . Just don’t do it !

  9. There is no need of such technology.


  11. Palki asked a very relevant question, "Do we really need metaverse?" It seems only tech giants need it so that they can fool our children to live in a virtual world. Anybody who knows how these social media companies like Facebook are exploiting us would never want to experience the metaverse. Everyone should watch the documentary "The Social Dilemma" to understand their brutal game.

  12. Also replacing sports with video games will highly affect the physical growth of the children.

  13. The earth was void, there was darkness in the deep, but the holy spirit moved to get the darkness out. Let your souls fill the Void, the Vacuum with God. He left an empty space in our spirit, so that we will search him. If we find him, we have the happiness, and we dont need further things or whatever to add to that. Jesus Christ is THE Light of the world. Dont be decieved

  14. My goodness!! Mindfulness or metaverse…gosh!! What are we doing with mind..

  15. Virtual Experiences is awesome but I still can't feed myself with some virtual food to comfort my hunger

  16. Mam please explain its side effects in detail

  17. A virtual universe may seem like a new concept but I believe NFT and games have already paved the way into the metaverse without us realizing it. NFT projects like Starlight NFT is a perfect example. Thoughts?

  18. Why at first place we need all this web of uncertainty???

  19. they are introducing huge props and cons

  20. Best of yet, while they are out there, we can borrow their real food, cloths, cars, etc. They won't be needing those in their metaverse. 😂

  21. Free Metaverse will be the extension of tictoc, twitter and 4chan.
    The "serious" Metaverse will come with monthly costs.

  22. If MetaVerse is real then dystopia is coming with it.

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