Dwight in the Metaverse – The Office US [Versión Inglesa]

Dwight doesn’t play games.

From Season 4 Episode 9: Dinner Party – Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Jim (John Krasinski) find they have run out of excuses and are forced to go to Jan (Melora Hardin) and Michael’s (Steve Carell) house for dinner. When Andy (Ed Helms) and Angela (Angela Kinsey) are also invited to dinner, Dwight’s (Rainn Wilson) jealousy gets the best of him.

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28 comentarios

  1. 子たち切れ込み上げた後から大晦日のお知らせ

  2. What do you mean this looks way better than the metaverse

  3. I would create a second life account just to play this world

  4. Sad, these ppl arent considered losers anymore, its now the future. World is getting lamer by the hour.

  5. Don't forget that computers and websites can become self-aware, this happens sometimes.

  6. The truly baffling thing is that, after searching it up, I found out that second life still seems to be around…. such a weird thing

  7. Second life is better than the meta verse

  8. Except I could fly that always had me laughing the way he just says it I watch the show way too many times and I don’t regret anything about it

  9. calling second life a metaverse is an insult

  10. Dwight also has Starcraft ( the Robert California Halloween special) and doom 1 original (mega desk intro) on his work computer.

  11. oi, s4e9 isn't dinner party, it's local ad, and this is from local ad

  12. Oh it has losers! that line always makes me laugh 🤣

  13. I can believe Dwight made the metaverse

  14. Jim and Pam def did the nasty

  15. reuploading this clip to be able to put a clickbaity word in the title is a veeeeery cheap move. enjoy the free dislike! 😀

  16. What a nice man, I wonder what is the origin of his last name

  17. “Ahhh show me how this works” years later and this strikes a Sam Morril chord

  18. Dwight in the metaverse of madness

  19. Seems about right the metaverse is completely empty besides one person

  20. I revisit this clip every now and again because I always lose it at it being exactly the same as his life, but he can fly.

  21. Serious question have any of you guys actually gone to Scranton

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