5 Crypto Coins That Will 15x In March (URGENT ACTUALLY)

These coins will probably make huge gains but its your last chance to get in.


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  1. Urgent call indeed Alex. Imho the markets hasn't bottomed yet as capitulation of miners/traders haven't occurred yet which to me will happen sooner than expected. On the negative note, bit coin seems to be trading near the short-term supply at around 45k while on the positive record, Bit coin is trading high over the key prior resistances and so far confirming the upwards orientation of the market. Ever since breaking over the 3-month trend line, it has traded in the new upwards trend. Eventually, the charts tell the story as it is. Yet, more often than not, major swings in the markets come from the external factors. I notice a lot of traders point towards erroneous data points to make trading decisions. And sometimes with extreme confidence Part of being a good trader means understanding which data points are actual signal; making Career trader Callum Lucas my most preferred choice thanks to his automated s!gnals which are based on unique combinations of trend-momentum-volume scanners and onchain analytics in which I've accumulated over 9.9BTC since employing his Algo to my trading. If interested then reach out at TeLe/Gᖇαm 👉callumlucas

  2. Alex Becker pumps and dumps coins, proven: Crypto Exposed

  3. dumb question. what exchange is he using in this vid?

  4. I feel more entertained then educated , hilarious 😂

  5. @ZssBeckerpm is that legit account of you?

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  7. DORAEMON INU is excelente investment for the year 79

  8. DORAEMON INU is excelente investment for the year 93

  9. VRA Verasity 🚀🚀🚀💥💥💥

  10. Gaming cryptos talks for the last 5 months – sounds like personal gains push 😂

  11. DORAEMON INU is excelente investment for the year 29

  12. Where can I buy these ? I don't have the option in Coinbase.

  13. None of Becker’s picks have come through the last 3 months. These are facts.

  14. Sometimes Buying Early On A Downturn Looks Like
    The Wrong Thing To Do, But It Really Isn't. Buy Wolverinu Now.

  15. Wolverinu, piccolo inu, Shibnobi

  16. As a proud holder of wolverinu I am happy to announce I am proud of all the tokens that have joined our metaverse P2E game we will be moving forward as planned

    please dont miss the cryptoexpo or the free dubai trip lets go guys

  17. What exchanges can I buy these coins on?

  18. What is the website he is using to buy coins?

  19. I am sad my Cpool coin drop drastically

  20. What are those top5, you mentoid about 15coin😁.

  21. Should I buy cardano right now it's so low?

  22. Yea the tension bro 🇺🇦vs🇷🇺

  23. Mrs sonia is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy,…

  24. you are talkinh about some projects that you have no clue what's happening with them. ex. thetan arena
    They pay you well or you just shill the shit for subs and followers?

  25. Hi how are things! I am looking for investors who can join from $500, with a high profit percentage. For more information write me!

  26. Much love!🖤🖤🖤 The videos I’ve seen so far are very helpful and entertaining 🙏 I can’t wait to see more!

  27. Turns out, Alex Becker is Max Headroom

  28. Loved your video, what do you think about the new 2023 Corvette ZO6

  29. I can unequivocally say that crypto trading is one of the most profitable and lucrative business for every investors with the right expert.

  30. Aleph Zero BlockchainSwitzerland Zug Valley 100000 Tps

  31. Successful people are successful period

  32. Algorand currently has the 8th largest NFT marketplace. Huge sleeper blockchain imo especially since theyre launching as an L2 to ethereum this summer

  33. funniest profound informative degen

  34. Well literally the exact opposite happened to what you said here. We're now circling the drain.

  35. This the same guy that told us not to buy yet while Bitcoin was at 33k? Interesting Got no hate but definitely peeped that one.

  36. Dont believe this fool!!! He is trying to dump his bags on you guys….BE WARNED!!!!DYOR

  37. Anybody who’s buying the dip now will rejoice later, I’ve been loading up $eth and $atom lately. And my $atom is staked in my Atomic wallet and it gives me passive income plus it qualifies me for airdrops

  38. how come you never speak about Hedera?
    Coin has insane potential for how it works and on top of that they have partnership with Ubisoft.
    Probably one of the bigger game companies in crypto, correct me if i'm wrong.

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