4 NFTs you can STILL BE EARLY TO (gems)

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  1. Not your babe…….lfgggg✌️✌️

  2. came here from thebrettway 😛

  3. Hello 🙏🙋 can you make a video for LUFFY TOKEN 🙏♥️ ı really like crypto analysis.🙋🙋

  4. def going to cop clementine. love p2e

  5. Nft world's and gray boys dominating the metaverse.

  6. Interesting, p2e gamefi temporarily has it for me at the moment, love Dragon evolution, such awesome gamefi

  7. i think AIC and nyb would be hoooooooooge

  8. Super excited about LUFFY tokens NFTmarketplace!! Coming soon

  9. Thank you champ you are amazing men, thanks for sharing good info always! let´s go for not your babe

  10. #AVAC is surpassing all goals on their roadmap, hurry and join.

  11. Thanks a lot for that great content, due to you I knew Fuzzy which seems to be promising (CHAMPS ONLY ALPHA ALL PASS)

  12. Thanks for the video! 🙂

  13. You should look into Blockassets NFT project. You can now stake your NFTs🤩🤩

  14. As always, thanks again for these upcoming NFT tips and giveaways!

  15. loved the video man!!so insightful on the NFT space!!Cheers

  16. Great content man. Yo da best 🙂

  17. Another great video filled with great alpha! Thanks for delivering epic value especially for new people!!!

  18. Thanks for the great content

  19. Thank you so much for making these videos.

  20. Hi Champ. Thanks for another great video full of alpha and projects that appear to be really solid. Cheers!

  21. talk about fortune friends club pls

  22. Thanks for another banger of a video Champ, love the content and it continues to prove useful especially to someone like me who is newer to the space! Keep it up!

  23. LUFFY has a huge potential with this NFTmarketplace 10000 NFT limited or rare series

  24. Nice content. To me, trading the forex and crypto market is way better than any online investment 💯.

  25. Love that you give us crypto knowledge and gems, early.

  26. Luffy Devs are really cool, please check what they did in just 3 months

  27. Check out Remember Metaverse. It's a first commemorative and dedicated nft. Upcoming mint on february 23

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