How To Become A Metaverse Millionaire In ONE Year (My Plan) [Versión Inglesa]

Lets discuss how to invest in the metaverse, how this could change the future of a new digital economy, and plan plan to become a Metaverse Millionaire in One Year – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan






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Imagine a FULLY IMMERSIVE digital world, where you can put on a headset…and, all of a sudden, you’re in the same room as your friends. In this world, everything could be done, anywhere…and all of a sudden, physical barriers don’t matter.

Essentially…anything that can be done in the physical world…can be “recreated” within the metaverse, except…your customer could be anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Just like the internet created the opportunity for worldwide reach without a physical storefront..the Metaverse could take it a step further, where products and services are transformed on an even BIGGER SCALE.


The SIMPLEST WAY most people could gain exposure to The Metaverse – is by owning STOCK in companies who are actively involved in its creation.

First, we have Facebook…now Meta.
It’s reported that they will be hiring 10,000 employees to begin building out their own Virtual Reality…at the cost of over $10 billion dollars.

Second, we have BIG TECH – like GOOGLE, APPLE, AMAZON, and SNAPCHAT.
All three companies are working on developing Augmented and virtual reality – which could play a role in the implementation of a half metaverse, half real world reality.

Third, just like the term: “In a gold rush…you can sell the shovel,” – you can invest in companies that make Augmented and Virtual Reality possible in the first place.
Matterport, for example, implements 3D screening so you can “digitalize” anywhere in the world, and walk through it as though you’re physically there. Nvidia is another one, who’s graphics cards and artificial intelligence are used in processing all of that metaverse data. AMD also pairs nicely with this, especially after Facebook announced that they would use their graphics cards to help power data centers.


-Buying Digital Land
Decentraland is limited to 90,000 available plots – and, that’s it. Right now, prices range anywhere from $15,000 on the low end…to millions of dollars in terms of current asking prices, including throughout the digital world Sandbox…but, ultimately, if you believe in the utility – and think that you can either generate revenue or traffic to your location – it could be a high risk, high reward investment.

-Flipping digital products
You can also create, sell, or flip PRODUCTS in the metaverse…like, a literal Yacht – that just for for $908,000.

-Buy the underlying Cryptocurrency
You have Mana for Decentraland, SAND for Sandbox, AXIE Infinity for…AXIE Infinity….or, Facebook – who I’m sure will eventually create a currency of their own. Obviously, any of this could go to $0 – and, its yet to be seen how these will scale…but, in terms of my own plan for investing in the Metaverse in 2022…here’s what I think:

Right now, I believe it’s just too speculative to buy the land or cryptocurrency directly. Even though it might offer the biggest payout…I’m just not in a position where I want to take that gamble, so – for that reason – I’d rather play it safe, and invest in the companies that I think will continue to do well.

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  1. I make huge profits on my metaverse investment since i started trading with STELLAKATRINA, her trading strategies are top notch.

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  8. I don't believe that it's possible to become a millionair in a year but think that it's possible to increase a profit by creating strategies of a wise usdt spending on some promising projects, including meta

  9. What a waste of human capital

  10. It blows my mind people actually buy into this scam created by a guy who doesn't change his clothes and looks like a robot who's trying to appear like a "real boy". Instead of investing that money into smth like idk giving food to people who are starving. But let's close our eyes and live in a fkn virtual reality to make that robot even wealthier

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  14. humanity is getting to a sad point socially

  15. Trade cash for fake yachts and land. It is just like our fiat money system virtual style. This is a great scheme to collect money from those foolish enough to go along with it. As long as people believe it could work our money system is an example of that. Doesn't mean your not getting fucked. When you get paid with money backed upo by nothing your getting fucked but because people accept it and think it has value then it does. People have learned to accept filthy bills are of the value they have printed on them and will give up something of actual value in exchange for what can only be used for that. You buy a car and it's uses are many even if money didn't exist. Put the real value on money and introduce it as such and try and convince people to accept its value. With cash already on the way out and no one having their wealth in gold or something tangible there will be no such thing as wealth. You will be subject to a digital virtual wealth that this is introducing you into. Act up and your wealth is seized deleted and your banned from the network. Punishment in the modern age. Try and fight it and you get to deal with A.I telling nothing you can do about it. This is all a virtual meta distraction.

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  19. Virtual reality could very much be like autos were 100 years ago. Everyone knew the auto industry was going to change the world, and it did. But picking the winners out of that group would have required a tremendous amount of luck or skill, as hundreds of companies were making cars back then, with only a handful of them surviving the culling process. And the ones who did make it haven't exactly been the best of investments anyway. Can you pick the winners in virtual reality?

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