Facebook gives a glimpse of metaverse, its planned virtual reality world [Versión Inglesa]

Mark Zuckerberg has revealed a glimpse of Facebook’s plans to built the “metaverse” – a digital world built over our own, comprising virtual reality headsets and augmented reality. The product launch came as the social media giant announced it will change the name of its holding company to Meta, in a rebrand that comes as the company faces a series of public relations crises

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Facebook announces name change to Meta in rebranding effort ► https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/oct/28/facebook-name-change-rebrand-meta

Enter the metaverse: the digital future Mark Zuckerberg is steering us toward ► https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/oct/28/facebook-mark-zuckerberg-meta-metaverse

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About Meta

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23 comentarios

  1. No thanks, I prefer the real world.

  2. mark joking on how he isnt human lol

  3. I finally deleted Facebook and Instagram yesterday after years of no growth and migraine headaches. I am intrigued however as a musician as to what the meta verse has to offer me!

  4. The humanity loose His charackter

  5. “Mom can I have real life?”

    “We have real life at home.”

    Real life at home:

  6. I think I'll pass on this and enjoy the natural outdoors

  7. If Facebook today has 1 post followed by 2 ads imagine the metaverse.

  8. The animated mark showed more emotion than he did

  9. 2nd life, (people still remember?) failed. This is exactly the same, why expect a different result?

  10. Rich c**t wants to splurge billions on a Sims game with slightly better graphics – okay fine, do what you like. But next time someone insists that only capitalism can ensure the most efficient allocation of resources… laugh. Just laugh.

  11. Better Idea:~work on making humanoid meaning making a robot and adding our brain to it so that we become immortals

  12. I’ll choose google or any other meta over CREEPY M suckerburg – as a hedge I bought meta stock

  13. I always though a AR video game experience would be awesome. But that's why I purchase video games. No one wants your ads Mark. I personally refuse to watch ads. Haven't seen one in several years, video ads anyway.

  14. Acting like VR chats aren’t a thing.

  15. I like to play Scrabble with my actual friends and family

  16. "I thought I was supposed to be the robot" 😶

  17. This looks, feels, and acts like vr chat but the only difference is that the metaverse has big corporate marketing and its probably not going to be as open scorce as vrchat as far as letting anyone upload costom thirdparty handmade avatars. If you wanna play the metaverse I recommend you play vhc first because it already exists. And is pretty polished already.

  18. I knew life was gonna become Black Mirror's 1st episode. Capitalism ends like that

  19. Am I the only one not HATING mindlessly all this Metaverse stuff and actually thinking that Meta is just trying to reach us some new next-gen gaming stuff?

    Dude, so many haters…

  20. I'm going to name my Avatar as Parzival…go away..its mine

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