Why You Should Be Worried About Facebook's Metaverse | System Error [Versión Inglesa]

On December 6, Facebook was sued for its role in facilitating the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

The Facebook Papers revealed how the company chased profits – often at the expense of safety.
So can we trust Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse won’t become a tool for misinformation and surveillance?

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25 comentarios

  1. He's always put profits above human life. He just doesn't care. He stole his business idea from others.

  2. He creep the hell out of me 😳. There's just this deranged look about him. You have to be a pretty self centered evil individual to know how social media is more harmful & detrimental to young people especially but still keep force feeding it

  3. I was just wondering, how does Meta fuel riots and genocide?

  4. its not fb or any other media companys place to censor what we say ,do ,or look at

  5. It's time for everyone to cancel their social media accounts to send a message.

  6. No, I don’t trust Marky Mark.

  7. they own WhatsApp Instagram Facebook Oculus and who knows what else, they control global communication

  8. I have Facebook for marketplace to buy cars and parts. Nothing else.

  9. He cant even walk or talk straight and were supposed to trust this evil parasite?

  10. Zuckers original motivation was wealth, now it's on destruction. But both were driven by anger that he was ignored and unnoticed growing up.

  11. So you guys are upset that there isn’t enough censorship? Lol they banned a sitting president and will ban you for calling someone a tranny is that not enough?

  12. With everybody deactivating their Facebook accounts how will they remember all of the birthdays 😂

  13. Everybody that complained about the DC insurrection are the same morons that have BLM plastered all over their social media lol.

    So you don't support the citizenry taking arms against the state, but you also complain about the state's oppression? This is why I don't take you people seriously.

  14. the fact that he is being called on and being questioned by various people and the congress about his ethics behind his company and so forth is just alarming!
    Memes and jokes about him being a lizard human or robot being everywhere because some people don't seem to trust him as a fellow human is just a major red flag. When did we not realise there are aliens among us?

  15. Your looking into be face of the Devil himself.

  16. “Surrogates” (2009)/“Ready Player One” (2018). They tried. It failed!

  17. An injured persons group with over 20,000 members was suddenly deleted by Facebook. Now they cannot share information on their illness or share experience between those that are suffering and their caregivers. But that's Facebook for ya'. 100% evil 100% of the time.

  18. Who even uses facebook? I don’t know anyone who uses it

  19. can't blame facebook, just blame humans. We are amazing and also awful at the same time.

  20. odd they left out all the BLM chaos? these look like mostly peaceful protests to me

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