Why Metaverse Will Actually Suck [Versión Inglesa]

The Metaverse is right around the corner, with Mark Zuckerberg leading the charge! Are you reading to strap into a virtual reality universe and live your as a cat avatar? Check out today’s crazy new video to find out why the Metaverse is actually going to suck!

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About Meta

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45 comentarios

  1. The metaverse sounds great. It's just could we not have Mark Zuckerberg make it?

  2. Soon to be – IRL Chad vs Virgin Meta Beta

  3. wait, so you escape reality to do what you do in reality in digital world. what?

  4. I’m just now getting the notification for this

  5. Playing on phones for a long time is very bad
    Playing on VR's for a long time is even worse

  6. Nowbody but literally nowbody wants meetings in VR,…

    Only future for metaverse may be gaming… all the rest Nowbody cares

  7. I like to believe that a small fraction of society will be against joining the Metaverse. They would not be able to live in cities and towns, but would migrate to a region like siberia, the northern areas of Canada, patagonia, etc and form a separate society that is independent from the Metaverse.

  8. I thought the video was too fast-paced. Hard to follow.

  9. The only thing I'm worried about for the metaverse is a real life SAO

  10. Does anyone remember that movie, ready player one

  11. Coincidentally I actually talked about this last night… I Would actually be willing to accept this metaverse.. Now what?!

  12. Let's be honest, this would be, strange, i don't know how to descirbe it, it just dosen't seem right at all.

  13. Metaverse is just second life except even gayer

  14. i do not like stuff like the metaverse also i hate the ceo of facebook

  15. I have watched the matrix too many tines to fw that stuff

  16. So Second Life was about 20ish years too early. Except for the achievements part and thankfully that has never actually invaded that virtual space.

  17. Disturbingly good points, and it's all precisely in-char of Z, so you're likely right about the vast majority.

  18. They're basically trying to turn social interaction into a business.

  19. I strongly prefer actual reality and always have. VR has its place but should not be the norm. There's no actual healthy replacement for connecting with actual people in person.

  20. I dont like the metaverse. The metaverse is just like curent social media but on steroids. More conecting but this comes with a ton of other disadvanteges. Watch the video mrwhosetheboss made on his chanel to get what i mean

  21. Wait but then the virtual reality got me thinking wouldn't hackers be able to somehow get in and like ruin stuff ? Show you horrific stuff

  22. Metaverse will make you a discord mod

  23. Let me see what Jeremy Clarkson has said about this whole thing,

    The stupidest idea in history…

  24. Talk about overthinking, duh
    It's like you believe Zuckerberg is planning to take over the world 😂😂

  25. They should have taken the hint from playstation home

  26. This sounds horrible. I want vr to advance but not like that and not with Zuckerberg.

  27. Eye contacts with electro synthisis of bio magnetics. Or even a eye patch with a ear bud… a full body suit that vibrates or shocks when hit in a game. A virtual stripper that does more than just look no touch… a feeling transfered from wire to wire.

  28. They don't even allow furry avatars, metaverse is a discriminatory piece of garbage!

  29. Should just focus on this realm instead trying to hide in another

  30. Imagine neuralink and VR combined.

  31. I am preety sure our life gonna end up as Guy montag in Fahrenheit 451 and Any Characters in george orwell books

  32. You mean Suckerberg because that's what he thinks we are. Scuckers.

  33. Wasnt one of the guys that designs for Meta just arrested for trying to sleep with a 13 year old? Creepy future space is what Meta sounds like and the people in charge seem to not be good people.

  34. I find AR way more exciting than VR. Having AR incorporated in real life sounds way better than a VR Headset that makes a new reality. The thought of VR being too good makes me sick.

  35. This virtual reality should be made better.

  36. So the Metaverse is basically Ready Player One?

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