What is the metaverse? – BBC News [Versión Inglesa]

From virtual versions of ourselves to augmented reality, big brands like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Microsoft are creating technology to develop the metaverse. But what actually is it?

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  1. I guess metaverse is kind a reality life of Sims 4 😂

  2. You'll be soooorry!!!!

    The Web was launched and it was good.
    Then it was made evil …

    Meta came out and it was good.
    Then it will be made evil …



  3. Mark zuckerberg is a lizard people, facebook and social media was an evil thing all along

  4. i still dont get it…its just some VR game with horrible dated graphics?

  5. Reminds me of that bad Bruce Willis movie surrogates. this gen-xer is totally against it. It's like all the ballyhoo about going to Mars. Just Let It go, just Let It go… talk to the person next to you, go for a walk, go for a bike, enjoy the real world. Look out the car window and not your phone… It's just going to create more socially wetawded people, and the world's already saturated with them.

  6. ⚖⚰💰NOW DIGITAL LFE CAN TAKE OVER TRUE HUMANITY. Even though person dies or killed any one can replace and no one can know. ⚰


  8. I'm not a fan personally but I would also love to live in a world like ready player one

  9. Can we play COD in the metaverse!?

  10. I have four words for you to search on YouTube that perfectly showcase how I feel about this.

    Enter Shikari – Live Outside

  11. The metaverse is 3d internet?

  12. How about exploring the real world and actually talking to real people?

  13. SOOOO many people completely misunderstanding the concept of the metaverse… But it's the media's fault for dumbing it down…

  14. Sorry but I don’t get it 🤷‍♂️

  15. 15 years behind second life , what a scam

  16. The idea sounds great on paper, but it's quite creepy when your realize the consequences. You're satisfying human sensory experiences virtually without the real physical experiences- it messes up with our biology. That's exactly what happened with the Internet as well- unnatural dopamine boost due to endless surfing and instant notifications. Your neural system is 'addicted' to seeing your phone all day. Imagine how Metaverse could make that addiction so much worse.

  17. bro its crazy how theres allready games that do this

  18. U feel? imagine having a sex in a meta verse after 10years lmao

  19. nothing can beat real authentic human face to face connection, this is further helping depression around the world.

  20. humanity already have a huge depression/loneliness issue, thanks to everyone having their heads down in their phone, now this is just getting sad.

  21. The meta verse is not diverse enough. It's all under one roof. If you are not happy with one product or another you can unsubscribe to whatever you want to get rid of. In meta verse all companies have to go through a single company and pay for yet another lisence which would inevitably rule out any small business from proceeds in addition to removing many options as to what you pay for. The internet today is not flat and 2d. The sheer number of configurations of paid services available today is what people opt for. People often don't use smart tv features because there are better stand alone options on the market.

  22. So they r trying to recreate ready player one

  23. Metaverse is a new method of enslaving people…

  24. So people will stay with Facebook all day and night. This is actually destroying our generation, what about kids family time ? Parents will stay on this technology all day. And we are making people addicted for this technique

  25. It's such a lack of creativity, after all the things that Mark achieved and accomplished an "Ilusion" is everything he's got to the world 🤦‍♂️! Pathetic!

  26. this could be nice for the world but i'm afraid we can forget the joys of human interaction

  27. Everyone is going to get so fat if they do all their shopping on the metaverse and people will have so little real human Interaction if this becomes the normal method of meeting people or working.

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