URGENT: Joe Biden to Issue MASSIVE Cryptocurrency Executive Order NEXT WEEK!!

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00:00 Intro
00:46 FBI Forms NEW Crypto Crimes Unit
03:55 Biden to Issue Executive Order on Crypto NEXT WEEK
07:39 Bank of America BULLISH on Chainlink
08:47 Reese Witherspoon to Produce Ethereum NFT Movie/TV Show
09:54 Lower Cap Altcoin News (METIS, FOTA, HNT)
13:10 XRP ‘Mega Whales’ ARE BUYING!!
14:30 LAST CHANCE To Buy CHEAP Bitcoin 2022 Conference Tickets

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  1. Scammers/bots are getting much worse!! They are using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMs. Be careful! 👍

  2. With a stroke of a pen just got to call it a emergency donation to any cause if they don't like it they call it a terrorist foundation just like Canada main street media will of course jump in muddy up to make confusion Biden will come out and say we're working on it and could be long court battles to get your cryptocurrency back it's safe until your still at there mercy 🥺

  3. Funny how gold never crashes ????

  4. in my country we cannot buy or sell anymore. govt blocked evry crypro recently

  5. All the criminal activities I see in the news involves piles of dollar bills!

  6. FBI has all info already. They will act swiftly and big names will be in trouble.

  7. When it comes to the world of investing,most people don't know where to start.fortunately,great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance

  8. this may decrease the amount of daily hacks & scams through staking pools.

  9. When “decentralized” becomes “regulated”

  10. Brandon can go #$%! Himself.

  11. Their not going hard on criminals. Visa was helping the cartel clean their drug money and our federal government said visa is “too big to fail.” Visa only got hit with a fine.

  12. So the biggest criminal in the financial world (the US government) is going to employ the biggest criminal thug hitman in the world (The FBI) to make sure the little guy is protected…riiight.

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  14. When it comes to the world of investment, most people don't know where to start. Fortunately, great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance

  15. Going to start working on suing this government

  16. That’s the best picture I’ve ever seen of Biden

  17. Buy this BTC old Dinosaur right now…I don't want to lose money, just because there in not enough buyers dreaming to get rich….

  18. No he's not. He's just putting together a group to study it… lmao
    These sophists.

  19. Girl version of John Travolta?

  20. Qardcoin token is awaiting major CEX listings. It's possible to hit 100x this year.

  21. I believe Qardcoin token will go 100x after launch on Binance

  22. I believe Qardcoin Token will change E-commerce forever. Thank me later!

  23. qardcoin token and amazon signed a partnership. It will blow up once it hits mainstream.

  24. Walmart and qardcoin token just signed a collaboration??

  25. Any thoughts about Qardcoin Token? I myself think it's the best thing since sliced bread.

  26. Qardcoin token will make millionaires, after CEX listing it will blow up.

  27. If its an executive order he's gonna F*ck things up

  28. Not my president! All illegitimate

  29. Physical or digital dollar, nobody wants a depreciating asset

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