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Upcoming NFTs to buy right now for 100x returns, tons of new projects on the Solana and, Ethereum blockchains! We also got tons of whitelist spots for some viewers, make sure to watch through and claim your WL!

0:00 Introduction
0:47 Hoodles NFT project (Ethereum + WL)
4:06 Cats on Crack (Solana + WL)
8:17 Baby Apes Treat Gang (WL on solana)
11:47 Outro

Links on projects talked about:

This video is for educational & entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research before making any decisions with your money. I will not be held liable for any losses or gains you may experience. I am not your financial or investment advisor. This content is for educational and entertainment purposes ONLY. Please do your own research before making any financial decisions in your life!

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  2. 搂搂搂搂搂搂搂搂搂 CATSoncracK WHITELISTE 搂搂搂搂搂搂搂搂搂搂

  3. 搂搂搂搂搂搂搂搂搂CATSoncracK WHITELISTE 搂搂搂搂搂搂搂搂搂搂

  4. I hope luck will catch. I'm in love with cats on crack project. I really hope to have opportunity to jump there early.

  5. CATSoncracK WHITELISTE 搂搂搂搂搂搂搂搂搂搂

  6. CATSoncracK WHITELISTE 搂搂搂搂搂搂搂搂搂搂

  7. Dope video as usual Jerzy! Killing the game! Also shoot the cats on crack WL pls XD

  8. I've been spamming you ehecatl dragons for weeks!! Welcome to the den…how about some cats on crack lol?!?!

  9. My cat ones tried to escape, and the street cat downstairs of my apartment building squared up with him, now dude has PTSD and is scared to go outside, a little bittersweet since he is not trying to run, but i'm tryna score my boy some crack for consolation.

  10. Really interested about cats on crack. Thanks for the info!

  11. Cats on crack seems so much potential . Please choose me

  12. Hey Jerzy, appreciate this video. I have been watching you since you had like 5k subs. Man, love your live streams & your videos as well haha. One of the best fun & chill YouTubers I love watching. Cats On Crack the art looks sick not gonna lie.

  13. Want to get into cats on crack so bad 馃槏

  14. Cats are cool asf but have ever tried crack 馃槀

  15. well the cats on crack artwork is just lit asf, looking forward to this project at where the journey goes

  16. Hella excited for cats on Crack!!! Would love a spot

  17. I love cats on crack could be the next blue chip Solana imho:)

  18. Hey Jerzy, you have been helping me out a lot on my new NFT journey!!! Love the content and the tips on NFTs (not financial advice馃槣) Cats on crack seems like a sick project and i would love to become an early adopter!!! Thanks again

  19. This is so cool! Love that utility NFTs are picking up. 2022 should be the year of utility NFTs!! Additionally, I have heard that some projects like Meta Triads, which combine Metaverse, AR and Physical worlds, are also introducing breeding in the future – just like Bored Ape Yacht Club.

  20. I want a cat who smokes crack, daaaim :))))


  22. Cats on crack look so cleeeean, wanna WL for sure

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  24. Nice! Glad you called out cats on crack. I have been keeping an eye on that one for sometime. Seems promising! 馃榾

  25. Your channel so far brings me so much info and made me dare to start into the wild world of NFT! Thank you Jerzy! And Viva les Porkies !!

  26. Whats up guys tryna to grab one of this enteries to this dope project of Cats on Crack so lets see will i get it or not any way I wont be upset if i wont obtain that but lets look on the drum of luck At the end i would like to tell you thank you for yours calls and actually for what you are doing 鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳 lots of hearts to you man

  27. Cats in crack looks really dope. Love the art style, definitely need to go check this out some more. First time I will probably ever say this. I really need to get some crack. LFG. 馃敟

  28. Cats on Crack looks so dope! Cant wait for ist! Btw keep up the good content Jerzy

  29. To th moooon 馃敟馃幁馃槼

  30. Would love to get the chance to mint Cats on Crack!

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