Trapped in the Metaverse: Here’s What 24 Hours in VR Feels Like | WSJ [Versión Inglesa]

Everyone is blabbing about the metaverse. But what does this future digital world look like? WSJ’s Joanna Stern checked into a hotel and strapped on a virtual-reality headset for the day. She went to work meetings, hung out with new avatar friends and attended virtual shows. Photo illustration: Tammy Lian / The Wall Street Journal

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33 comentarios

  1. We should live in actual life rather than depending totally on technology.

  2. We live in reality but even then we need virtual reality.

  3. Zuckerberg is a smart person. He is also a person that too many people misplace their faith in (and honestly should be investigated by the federal government for more things that can be expressed). Yes there is a level of creativity – but we have REAL PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD THAT ARE OF MUCH GREATER SIGNIFICANCE.

  4. We might laugh but wait 10 years .

  5. what? this video only has 7.7k dislikes and 65k likes????

  6. Starts with: had to not be near my family.
    Ends with: I don't recomend, but you could see the potential.

  7. Hmm why would the Wall Street Journal push an obviously incomplete virtual world on us and have their journalist suggest she feels "present" with floating torsos of her co-workers? Could there be an agenda there? Nahhh that's crazy talk

  8. As a high school student, I’ve literally never met anyone who thinks of the metaverse as any more than something to be laughed at. So I don’t think anyone should assume that this is going to take off with younger generations or anything.

  9. With meta people will become vegetables

  10. It looks like the start of freaking Matrix

  11. I rather see this sort of interaction in the real world. Camp fires, exercising in nature, socializing in parks.

  12. After few days u will understand that how u lost ur eyes. And also will notice that u have gained more few kgs.
    And wil realize u cand walk properly. Cool gadget.

  13. All the characters look gay….very gay

  14. Once you’re done touching yourself like Jeffery Toobin on the meta-verse then what do you do? Exactly, nothing, and why this is the dumbest thing possible it’s not real life there’s nothing you can actually do don’t they understand this?

  15. Dont spend one single minute in that place.

  16. This genuinely looks like one of the worst experiences I would endure through if I did this. Image having this bulky piece of plastic on your face while staring at a screen all day. Worst migraine ever

  17. hello older generation, i will not be apart of this. i will NOT fall for it.

  18. Metaverse=trash version of recroom

  19. I still prefer VR games if I ever want to try rather than live in it

  20. Even though 95% of people look against this but in the coming generations percentages may change dramatically. I just hope future people don't fall for this fake artificial life

  21. This is cool and all, and it’s a great thing to do if you have free time and don’t have anything else to do, but I don’t think it should be the norm

  22. Worn out parents will give into their kids then other parents will be attacked by the culture for not letting their kids play with the other kids in the meta verse and lose the battle too. Same thing as toddlers having cell phones. This will work, and Mark Zuckerberg is the devil.

  23. So this is the next phase of killing the society and world. I just know from years from now, this will be a whole big worldwide pandemic. Instead of actually trying to fix the society, they are trying to ruin more part of the society. With this people’s health will be worser and worser and evolution will be evolving in the wrong way.

  24. I thought your consciousness would be in that not a vr head set

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