Microsoft Metaverse vs Facebook Metaverse (Watch the reveals) [Versión Inglesa]

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella recently showcased his companys’s foray into the Metaverse at its Ignite conference. This comes on the heels of Facebook’s recent Connect conference when Mark Zuckerberg announced he is changing its name to Meta, short for Metaverse.

See how both CEOs are moving full steam ahead with VR technologies that they hope will make it possible to collaborate easier in this digital space.


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  1. Just think do you really want to give more power more money and who knows what else to the people that have already shown you they can’t be trusted they don’t have your Interest in mind. Just think about it

  2. Stop making human cartoon it disgusting!!

  3. Already people addicted to smartphone, Computers and spending most of the time on internet. The lack of face to face social interaction may become worse once these technologies become mainstream.

  4. Metaverse = Geeks playing Dingeons & Dragons

  5. Microsoft is already 5 steps ahead because they have Xbox community

  6. It would be inclusive to have the dexterity to do sign language with these hand gestures.

  7. hey wait when u talk about metaverse it is important to take precautions because if it starts to affect humans day to day life mentally it will be nothing more than cancer that will end life slowly and steadily

  8. Basically Facebook goes the extra mile in order to hype on their invention, while Microsoft pragmatically says "it's not a big deal"

  9. As the owner of a BowieEye, I could not care less about this mess. People keep talking about this, and all I hear is "a giant halo" and "puking motion sickness".

  10. But why wouldn't you want to just live in real life as your person. Not fake real.

  11. these mofos r crazy . stop buying their crap and live in the real world people. dont be a freaking crazy pedophile tech nerd

  12. So the Future kids will never visit the school, because they have a another life. Grats.

  13. Amazing feature as:
    Presence – if it is about present at remote work, it is measureable even as it is now without vr
    Home space – log in from home to have a home space
    Teleporting – you can teleport in any game
    Interopearability – you can do that with regular pc and without vr
    Privacy and safety – everything you do is online and traceable in that world
    Virtual goods – basically something you do not own
    Natural interfaces – interface of something useless

  14. PlayStation had this 12 years ago, old news

  15. These guys don't like God universe..that why they are creating these invisible metaverse… means more loneliness and depression…. great job guys…

  16. I think Microsoft will start trying to market to businesses and then slowly transfer to gaming like the computer did.

  17. The creator in me sees two paychecks; one in Crypto.

  18. How come people are making all these spaces to get OUR data, but they're always unreachable to US?

  19. What bullsh*t!!! Having a cake in metaverse!!! Nonsense 🤯

  20. Satya Nadella already sounds like Bill Gates!!
    Give him an year or two, he might even start looking like Bill Gates!!

  21. Microsoft and Facebook both have impressive plans but I think NFT and games are THE entry points into the metaverse. NfT projects like Starlight NFT are proving this. What do you guys think?

  22. What are those things hanging horizontally on the right of Nadella?

  23. It will be good to add the hijab in avathar it will be comfortable for many of us to use and enjoy in metaverse more comfortably..

  24. It’s funny that the people of today will hate this but the people of 30+ years from now will love it. The world change cycle of denial.

  25. why do i get excited when i see MSs preso and feel deprressed for the future of the world when i see FBs preso

  26. Can anyone explain to me why they use "joysticks" on VR instead of a glove? Is It so big of a tec problem?

  27. These people are selling poison. They have no shame.

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