Metaverse: Beyond Human [Versión Inglesa]

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Metaverse: Beyond Human –

The metaverse has been the talk of the town recently

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42 comentarios

  1. Bro I actually don’t want this

  2. I'm getting advertisements every 150 seconds I'm sorry but this is making the video completely unwatchable, I'm out

  3. There is no way the pros of metaverse outweighs the cons. As mr awesome over here said, humanity has been always wanting access to comfort and speed as much as possible, SURELY we won't overdo it with the metaverse…. right? SURELY people won't choose to live a fake life instead of their real life. SURELY we humans are smarter than that……


  4. vr life is going to be a passing fad until A) we can use all senses and motion as input and output between physical and digital (smell taste feel) (walk run lie down, grab) and B) something other than facebook governs it

  5. What would be the Metaverse experience be like after tripping on cannabis?

  6. It all begins when Zuckerberg and Elon musk work together. I can feel it. This is to happen. Danger is lurking but it kind of seems it's our fate anyway 🤣🤣

  7. Black mirror in the worse case senario

  8. Sorry but putting computer chips in our brains sounds genuinely awful

  9. Sigh! The world is moving so fast, can't have enough of nothing… just think from the starting, we still have a big bang 'hypothesis' to study how universe was born, then we don't even have a proper theory for existence of earth and other planets of our solar system. People still doubt the evolutionary theory of life and then comes our vast history. How much do we know? the greatest mind who shaped the tiniest things we see today around us, and we don't even think of it. How many of us know how a pen truly works? how a clock, a calculator or even the fridge, works? What reality do animals live in? they all feel the world in unique ways. What is out there in space? how many species on earth? dark matter? The vast literature, the ideas people have had. And then this; computers and then internet and now artificial intelligence. Networking. From telephones to video calls. What is the mechanism inside a computer? how silicon chips allow us to do what we do. How just different arrangement of various atoms led me to be able to see this man's video and then share my thought on it. Metaverse is just too much to take in for my understanding, but as it will become common, we will have to use it, and we will use it without actually knowing what we are doing. I am just 18 and when I was born, to around 5-6 years, my parents used those keyboard mobiles, then smartphones, and then internet. And it is only know that using internet has become a part of my daily life. I haven't ever touched a VR set, but I know it exists. I know after some years we will only use electric transport with softwares so we won't drive anymore. Hydrogen will be used as a fuel and shortly after, mostly we won't even physically go as we saw in this video. We will go from one place to another virtually, in milliseconds. I only watch with anxiety and thrill what my life would look like when i think about it in the end. Thankyou aperture(i don't even know his name but am familiar quiet well with his sound and mainly, his ideas and thoughts) for this mind-boggling video. I needed this information with all the metaverse craze going around on the internet. And now I have some idea about NFTs, I thought it was just some stupid game going around and till now only knew about them from memes…

  10. Elon Musk did once say that we are either in the simulation currently or we are making our way towards it.

  11. I’d really love to see you make a video about NFTs. Everyone I know absolutely hates them, and no matter how many times they explain it, I have a really hard time understanding how it all works and what actual positive or negative effects occur due to them. It’s hard to find unbiased information concerning it all, but I imagine your video would certainly be enlightening all the same.

    Wonderful video, as always, btw. I don’t usually comment, and I’m sorry for that, but I do enjoy them immensely. Thank you for all your hard work. It’s always a pleasure.

  12. Anyone who is stupid enough to buy into this crap and actually buy it and wastes their lives on this is a degenerate

  13. earths becoming an irl science fiction novel. "the beginning of the virus lead to acceleration of technology" and all this other shite

  14. It started off as eye rolling when you were shilling NFTs early on and progressed to outright disdain when you were touting the metaverse ability to make virtual avatars of dead people "virtually indistinguishable from their living counterparts" as that's just outright disrespectful.

    Poor video from you tbh

  15. There won't be fake news in the metaverse because of cryptography

  16. I'm looking forward to see religious history in the MetaVerse. Imagine interacting with Judas.

  17. How to make human as useless as ever possible in every way. How hard is to understand this?

  18. Jeez… the real world is so trashed that gen z prefers to live in a mario world like this? omfg nah😅

  19. I won't lie, this isnt exactly how i want the world to go but yes theres a lot of room for greatness. Yet it fascinates me how much potential this has and even VR, as someone with 'the lack of the minds eye' (aphantasia) it could actually help me alonside others experience the world as ordinary people

  20. IMHO, as much as I like Aperture videos, this one is a little cringe. Fact: The majority of the monkeys with neural link chips installed in their brain died because of infection. (i am not saying it cannot be avoided, I am saying the technology is FAR from ready for the human trial); Fact: there is no 'THE METAVERSE', just like Facebook can create its own metaverse, so can Nvidia, google, and apple. (they need to have an industry standard and protocols to have cross-platform interaction, but as the current stage I will be surprised to see they will work together in near future); Anyway, is metaverse gonna take off in the next few years? I don't know, but I don't think so. Is it ever gonna take off? I would say yes, but I am not looking forward to it.

  21. as every secund passes im more and more turning into Ted Kaczynski.

  22. I do like the video, but I DEFINITELY DO NOT share the optimism

  23. While we might be able to have a single avatar in the metaverse it is unlikely that many people will go that route.

  24. This is why ppl think the world is just a simulation

  25. Before you even said it, I was like, this is cool & disturbing at the same time!

  26. I'll take a hard pass on this "metaverse" if it's not fully open sourced

  27. Its just not the same as reality. We will never replace living, sorry to disappoint

  28. Yeah. It's called reality. Just take a breather…a step back. We can do all those things and it's called imagination. We can share it with others by acting up on it. We don't need to subscribe to no meta-verse. We are that all ready.

  29. we need wise people, we have plenty of smart people

  30. I'm pretty sure this video just explained nfts better than the videos that tried to explain it.

  31. It’s scary how Sword Art Online predicted something like this. They even got the year right

  32. I’ve been fascinated by virtual worlds and their potential effects of society for years. The book Ready Player One really opened my eyes to the possibilities that an accessible virtual space could provide. However it honestly terrifies me that Facebook is the first company to truly invest in the concept. I think we can all agree that Facebook has proven themselves to be far from trust worthy, both with our information, and in regards to their effect on politics, civil rights, etc. It really makes me worry for the future of VR. For one example, in Ready Player One, one of the main reasons the Oasis works is because it’s creator was adamant that it would be free to access, and wouldn’t be turned into a cooperate hellscape of advertisements and algorithms. While I have no doubt that the Meta Verse and other such VR worlds will play major parts in the future of humanities, it’s really discouraging that we’re starting off with Facebook as the pioneer.

  33. So this is how biological life dies… with thunderous applause

  34. Aperture talking metaverse/Web3 brings me so much joy

  35. The shared identity part is one that would make me withdraw though
    I enjoy the internet's anonymity, albeit maybe an illusion, and that would be 1 identification to steal to change your entire life, I think I'd like having different accounts and desynced still, ty very much…

  36. all this cryptocurrencies and related stuffs have too much negative impact on the environment

  37. I see humanity going down two paths, one side of humanity will embrace this trans human technocracy and prob end up in some matrix like living or some huge mega city where everyone is always in vr or some shit. And then I can see the side of humanity who rejects this and goes back into living like our ancestors with villages and smaller societies of hunters and farmers. Idk about you but fuck that fake matrix shit I’d rather have to live in the jungle or some shit

  38. hey I really dig your videos but i find the hisses and T's to be quite piercing, hope you can look into that maybe change your mic or something? would be helpful, thanks.

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