Growing up in a Metaverse [Versión Inglesa]

This metaverse meme video is about wojak who grows old in a metaverse. From the moment he is still a child and has his first school day, he already lives through his vr glasses. His school is in the metaverse, as well as his friends. Years later, he starts doubting about how “normal” living meta actually is. Didn’t people maybe have a better life back when there was no metaverse? When you did stuff offline? Who knows…




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39 comentarios

  1. This was supposed to be funny but managed to be the bleakest thing I've seen all week. Bravo sir.

  2. These videos are getting better and better. Keep it up, I think you're onto something. This was really sad and terrifying.

  3. This video reminded me of the black mirror

  4. So deep. Time to make more kids.

  5. Very powerful msg through this video love this script make more video like this 👍

  6. I hope this doesn’t happen

  7. So in the future we'll have a planet of humans working to maintain a simulation for AI to live in

  8. the question is, if you have a bad real world life, isn't the digital world better?

    Previously those would use alcohol, drugs or violence to escape their desperation.

    Today they can just log in VRChat and be happy without drugs, alkohol or violence

  9. This is literally Genius! Great Story

  10. This social media and gaming is already sick. And now they are creating this.

  11. This shit was terrifying and surprisingly deep, this beats most "high budget" stories that I've seen in a while.

  12. imma say this…………..FUCK THE METAVERSE. i like living in my real body. leveling up in the real world is more fun

  13. What's worst is that we are already in the dystopian future

  14. Continue this as a metaverse series ❤️

  15. This made me curious about future. By the way your storytelling is going to next level day by day

  16. I’m not gonna lie, wojack has that drip 🔥🔥

  17. Sadly people in the future will call the metaverse the real world and the real one will be call offline world😢This is so scary. Things have completely changed. but i love your animastions bro, keep up wojak🔥👍

  18. This actually sent chills down my spine L

  19. This can work, if the ai based humans in the meta-verse than get the same rights as humans. They could live and earn money in the meta-verse doing white collar jobs, they can be accountants, lawyers, scientists. And the servers can be maintained by "poors", who are still sack of meats. 😀. But the poors won't last long, because we can then pollute the earth as much as we want, we can then just use robots to maintain the servers

  20. Why is nobody wearing their metamask?

  21. Man this is amazing 👏 🙌 😍

  22. can you make a video XD wojak becomes a QUANT maxi XD

  23. This Is terrifying, like the video Is fantastic but the concept is one of the most horrifying

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