Facebook's Metaverse Hits A New High [Versión Inglesa]

Clip from Lew Later (This Could REALLY Hurt Apple) – https://youtu.be/1gvuMKdnTNs


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  1. How many of these 300,000 are REAL people ??

  2. How is this any different from Vr chat?

  3. There are no VR games worth playing except POPULATION ONE.. so try that one out and review it because its less a video game and more 'the most intense thing of all time'..

  4. Don’t get sucked into this fake world play in the real world

  5. Animal Crossing, MineCraft, Sims, Second Life, etc. Regular video game lobbies have this already

  6. It needs realistic graphics

  7. I can't afford an Oculus Quest 2 or whatever name they're calling it, I do have an interest in VR gaming though, and hope someday, if I can afford a headset, to try it, I am kind of leery about entering and taking part in the Metaverse as a whole, I feel the online bullying is going to get much worse if we're not too careful and I'll be bombarded by products I don't need it can't afford.

  8. I ain't going to lie this sounds amazing but I imagine it's going to great in 10yrs

  9. Literally nobody knows or cares what this is looool. Facebook

  10. the half bodies are too fricking weird man, that totally turns me off. i think they should have designed something like hover boards that everyone rides around in. something that looks futuristic, and not these horific half body things 🥴

  11. It's not hard to put legs lol, they do it so people won't have sex lol

  12. They just need to make the nba games ultra high def. It’s amazing to be court side

  13. 2 cents' worth: No one should purchase a Quest, Quest 2, or anything else from that company.
    It's a great product with good software from a company that takes everything about you for profit and mental influence over the world.
    It just isn't worth it, but a good stand alone headset from a better company (hoping for something from Valve) would be very nice to see.

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